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Coming to America Tour

International Showgirl Charlie Chaser will be starting her U.S. tour August 2018 in California, following her tour in Las Vegas at the 26th Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. As an international performer, she will be in The World Pageants booth getting ready to gear up her bookings for the year. At the moment, she is setting up the last few spots on this first tour. If you are interested in booking Charlie Chaser, email or call Rio Rivers at (954) 818-6465.

Charlie Chaser, a beauty all the way from Australia, is looking forward to sharing her excitement in her first ever U.S. tour.  

Charlie began her career working as a waitress in a strip club in Perth, Australia. It was there she first fell in love with the industry. She was in awe of the beautiful way the dancers performed on stage and empowerment of the female body. She started first with skimpy barmaid work and private parties doing waitressing and shows working around coastal towns of western Australia. Charlie first started stripping in Tokyo, where she first performed on stage and loved every minute. She then returned to Australia and continued doing skimpy bar work, dance shows, private parties and club work. Charlie loves everything about the industry, in particular dressing up, pole dancing and the ability to combine work and travel.

Charlie Chaser is on top of the world as she is a nominee for Australian Top Entertainer award for Female Entertainer of the Year at the S.T.A.R. awards.
Charlie Chaser has just returned after touring Central and South America.
She will be bringing her high energy, beautiful costumes and Aussie sex appeal to your venue.  She only has a few spots left, so do not miss the opportunity to book this amazing lady.

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