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Brittany Andrews asked her friend, Michelle Levy, an honest question about whether or not Levy could book her as an aspiring DJ.

Andrews, an AVN Hall of Famer, got an honest answer.

“Well, if you don’t suck.”

Andrews took the information in stride and said she’d be in touch a year later.
So Andrews, also known professionally as DJ BritStar, went to Dubspot in New York City, a music school exclusively designed for electronic music education for a master certification in Ableton (a music software company).

“I immersed myself in DJing,” says Andrews. When the year was up, she called back her friend Levy to follow up about her DJ offer.

“I’ve DJed all over the world at this point,” she says. There was her Asian tour in the summer, which featured stops in Thailand, Hong Kong and a rooftop in Tokyo. For New Year’s Eve, there’s a chance she’ll be in Switzerland.

And when she’s not globetrotting, Andrews spins in Las Vegas. Her events vary as much as her locale. Among other venues, Andrews has DJed dance clubs, music festivals, burlesque shows, comedy shows and, of course, gentlemen’s clubs.

“I love doing the strip club gig,” she says, remembering fondly one such gig at Monroe’s of Palm Beach. “That was one of my most amazing DJ experiences because it was so funny—they had me DJ in front of their VIP booth and there were so many dollar bills on my DJ setup that I couldn’t DJ.”

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For Andrews, who has starred in well over 100 adult films and was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2008, DJing at gentlemen’s clubs is quite the paradigm shift as she stopped feature dancing when she retired from adult film.

“I was just in Chicago and I did this feature gig at Blackjacks,” she says. “It was funny because I quit feature dancing, but then I started getting all of these DJ gigs where they wanted me to do, say, two hours of DJing and one or two feature shows. Sometimes the clubs don’t want me to DJ, they just want me to feature. Somehow it’s pulled me back into feature dancing, which kind of amazes me. But I do enjoy doing the whole strip club DJ thing.”

She also admits that during her time as a performer and feature dancer, she never really understood the amount of work DJs at gentlemen’s clubs do.

“They are doing a lot of different things back there—dealing with the video, having to know where this girl is at, where that girl is at, someone’s on lunch, someone’s in the VIP room—it’s a lot of work. I started having a new respect for the strip club DJ,” she says. “I respect the fact I’m not the best DJ on the entire planet, but I’ve worked really hard at it over the years,” says Andrews. “I’ve put the blood, sweat and tears into it, but I’m also older and I really don’t give a fuck what people think at the end of the day. My bills get paid. I’m a happy person. I enjoy what I do.” – story by Eugenio Torrens

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For booking information on Brittany Andrews, email or call
(877) 427-8747.

Where do you hail from: Milwaukee Wisconsin
How many years have you been dancing: Too many, lol … since 91
Favorite type of music: Deep House
Favorite recording artist: Lady Gaga and Madonna
Favorite song to dance to: OMG Really – I need to pick one? I have an inside story about the AC/DC “Back in Black” track from over 20 years ago, when I first started dancing at Ricky’s in Milwaukee. The bishes there made fun of me for using that track back in ’91, but I still use that fucking track to this day. I have a dope-ass remix of it and it reminds me to be grateful for my life lol #revenge
Favorite song to listen to: “Free” by Ultra Nate – I like the message a lot
Favorite club owner: Tony Buttitta, Blackjacks in Chicago IL
Favorite DJs: James Boucher and DJ Marky Mark
Favorite part of your work night: Booby Ball: sitting on my ass and having money thrown at me so works for me!
Pet working peeve: Not having a wardrobe rack for features. We spend a mint on our outfits and then no damn place to hang, organize etc our shit. Costs 15$ to get a damn wardrobe rack at Walmart. And grab a full-length mirror while you’re there 🙂
Advice for new feature dancers: You’re there to be performer and to do a show, use your creativity and showmanship and enjoy yourself. Smiles on stage are contagious.

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