Amy Gwynn, the owner of one of the largest strip clubs in the UK, has criticized the popular online camming domain, OnlyFans, saying that subscribing to the site “isn’t healthy” for people.

Gwynn’s club, Rude in Liverpool, is the only female-owned and run gentleman’s club in the country, according to Daily Star. Gwynn claims much of that success, as the club reaches its 13th year of regular operation. And she says she doesn’t see the website as a threat to her customer base, despite how popular it has become. According to Gwynn, many people moved onto adults site during the COVID lockdown when physical venues like strip clubs couldn’t be open. However, Gwynn claims that most of her customers have returned since clubs re-opened operation.

In an interview with Daily Star, she adds: “I feel like strip clubs and OnlyFans are very different. OnlyFans caters to men who have always been a little too shy to come to a strip club and speak to a girl face to face. Online provides a safety net for them, but I don’t think it’s healthy.”

She continues: “Call me old fashioned, but in the same way I like to walk into a shop and be served by a physical person, I want to go out, meet new exciting people and enjoy their company. Nothing is more exciting than watching the girls perform their routines on stage, feeling the adrenaline rush as the DJ’s music kicks in and the customers cheer. It’s a fantastic atmosphere.”

Asked how she thinks a female boss like herself is preferable to the majority — male-run strip clubs, Gwynn responds that the entertainers are more comfortable communicating openly with her.

“They often feel a lot more comfortable with a female boss as it takes the seedy side away from it,” she says. “New girls are often nervous, but I’m very open and they know they can talk about anything with me — we’re all in it together. We have a real sisterhood vibe.”

Read the full interview and report here.

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