(NOTE: This story appears in the January 2024 issue of ED Magazine.)

Danny Meyers has become ubiquitous at the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and within the industry at large. His consistent social media presence means that you’re likely seeing one of his posts about the “What’s HOT in the Strip Clubs” podcast channel on the daily. He’s always in the front row at every EXPO seminar, and even moderated a seminar for DJs, entertainers and GMs at EXPO 2023. 

Last year he stepped in as the emcee for the EDI East in Huntsville, Alabama, and in 2024 he’ll handle those duties at both EDI contests.

And if you haven’t seen him, you sure have heard him as the “voice of God” during the ED’s Awards Show these past two years, a gig he’s coming back for in Dallas at EXPO 2024.

But … do you really know Danny Meyers? Let’s get to know him a bit better with the following article! 

Where were you born and raised? What is the most memorable moment from your childhood?

Born, raised and still residing in Cincinnati Ohio   Pleasant memory would be playing the Little Drummer Boy in the school play.  Sad memory was the day JFK was shot.

What career did you think you were going to pursue as a kid growing up? How did you eventually find yourself as a strip club DJ?

I wanted to be a police officer like my father, but he talked me out of it. I remember him telling me that you have a split second to make a decision that everyone else gets years to analyze.

I was a club DJ for many years until it became hard to get full time work.  A friend told me Diamonds Cabaret in Dayton Ohio was looking for a full-time day shift guy.  I went up, auditioned, and nailed it. That was in 1996.

 I’m sure you have some very interesting and entertaining stories you could share from your time as a club DJ! Is there a particularly off-the-wall story you can share with us from your time in this industry? 

I was DJing one night and my staff brought me a paper to do a birthday party (man on stage).  All they told me was his name is Chris, he dates our door girl and they told me to roast him hard. I was using small dick jokes on him, and he and his entire party were laughing their asses off.  I said something like, the first time your girlfriend took off your pants she said where the fuck is the rest of it, I couldn’t believe how much they were all laughing.  After it was over, they told me that Chris was born Christine. I felt really bad about it, but he tipped me $100 and thanked me.

Tell us about your What’s Hot in the Strip Clubs podcast. What do you enjoy most about doing it? And what are some of the challenges of doing a podcast that most people wouldn’t know unless they’ve done one?

What’s HOT in the Strip Clubs is the channel name for all our podcasts. The flagship shows are the “Panda Top 20” and “Off The Charts”. Top 20 is a countdown show based on the charts that our members send in. Off The Charts is a new music and interview show where we get to talk to the artists directly.  Some of our guests have been Tinashe, Lexy Panterra, Justin Champagne, Shannon Larkin of Godsmack and more. The challenges are mostly technical, getting good quality audio from the guests. I’m also the show’s producer, so while we’re talking to the guests I also am watching the levels, the time, getting music cued up and making sure it’s recording correctly. I am very fortunate to have Ilan Fong and Bob Chiappardi on the show as well. What’s HOT in the Strip Clubs has a new episode every week and you can check  it out at www.whatshotitsc.com

If you could work as a DJ in any state in the US, which one would you pick and why?

This may come as a shock to most but if I was going to DJ in another State, it would be Alabama, particularly Huntsville. Those people know how to party.

What’s on your bucket list? That is, places you want to visit, things you want to do?

I’m a season ticket holder for FC Cincinnati, our MLS team, so I would really like to travel to other soccer stadiums, especially to an Inter Miami game at DRV PNK stadium.

If you could change just one thing about the adult club industry, what would it be, and how would you change it?

Great question! I’d like to change the way DJs make their money. So many DJs get a small wage plus optional tip from the entertainers. The problem with this is the DJs are now working mostly for the entertainers and don’t always in the clubs’ best interest in mind. I would completely remove the tip and pay the DJ a good salary thus making the best interests of the club more of a priority.

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