Do you know adult film star & Entertainer of the Year Angela Sommers?

Even if you’ve only seen her perform once, there are a couple of things about ED’s 2017 Overall Entertainer of the Year Angela Sommers that are impossible to ignore. She is stunningly beautiful, whether...

Meet the AVN Hall of Fame porn star DJ!

AVN Hall of Famer Brittany Andrews is soaking up her life as a DJ. Brittany Andrews asked her friend, Michelle Levy, an honest question about whether or not Levy could book her as an aspiring...

The senior citizen stripper?!

A particular conversation took place in the hallways of an adult nightclub that, as a promotional stunt, had placed a picture of a dinosaur in a bikini: Gentleman: ‘Ma’am can you help me?’ Lady: ‘Help you...

CLUB SINROCK: The name means more than you think!

What’s in a name? How’s that for an open-ended question. Though this query stems from Shakespeare, it’s application has never waned. Names are vital, whether we’re talking about people, products or businesses. In the strip...

Dennis DeGori

The man behind the E11EVEN Miami brand It could have been a Wednesday, a Thursday, a Friday. Any night, really. Dennis DeGori, owner/partner of E11EVEN Miami, was making his way through the club, from the...

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Waitt on Wednesday

Tick Tock Bonnie and Clyde don’t wear watches. So the time we think it is, is not necessarily the time they know it is. Bonnie and Clyde...

Focus: Sounds like a bright idea!

  A sound and lighting upgrade is certainly an investment, but is it an investment you can afford to do without? Is your old lighting...

Why “Certification Seminars” at Expo? Here’s why!

  Attending a training/education class on a specific segment of nightclub operations and receiving a certificate of completion provides a number of benefits to club...
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