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(Note: This story appears in the November 2022 issue of ED Magazine)

Carpeting is an often understated — and sometimes criminally underrated — ingredient in your club’s success so let Alpha Patterned Carpet whip up something special for your establishment.

It’s covert branding and daring advertising. It boosts the overall aesthetic of your club but also boasts functionality by providing comfort, warmth and/or noise absorption.

Oh, and your carpet also can be a threaded tale teller.

“Our carpet offers the power of narration,” says Marsha Mills of Alpha Patterned Carpet, which has been a previous EXPO Tradeshow exhibitor and consistent event sponsor. “From start to finish, Alpha Patterned Carpet is here to help elevate your club or lounge by telling a story. With an extensive collection of sexy and sophisticated colorpoint, infinity and dye injection designs — the possibilities are endless!”

Turn on the night life

Alpha’s carefully curated GLOW color palette is comprised of colors that glow under black light to heighten the excitement at your club.

“Nothing makes a statement more than the vivid neon colors that will ensure your guests have an experience that feels electric,” says Mills.

Alpha Classics

The company’s Alpha Classics collection offers up to 16 colors that result in any expression for a richer look and feel for your establishment.

“Make a statement with our High Definition Dye Injection carpet,” says Mills. “Using the most innovative technology in carpet manufacturing, we can create designs that are truly artwork for your floors. Perfect for branding your club or lounge, our Alpha Classics is the perfect option for incorporating custom elements like logos, motifs, custom color palettes, and more to create a one-of-a-kind space your guests will never forget.”

Color your carpet impressed

Alpha Patterned Carpet is proud to announce its new offering of colorpoint and infinity patterns.

“Tufted using solution-dyed nylon, colorpoint and infinity are ideal for adding luscious texture and creating a feel of exclusivity and sophistication,” adds Mills. “Our patterns are available in 10 colorways that have been carefully selected by a team of designers to seamlessly blend with today’s most modern interiors.”

Aged Bronze: Rich golds mixed with deep charcoal and daring black is reminiscent of mixed metals for a modern, yet elegant feel.

Adobe: Warm hues of rust and amber create a sexy and bold approach.

Denim: Sophisticated blues with neutral touches are timeless and versatile.

Tundra: Cool ice blue and hints of green, perfectly blended with soothing neutral tones are serene and provoking — perfect for creating a soft aesthetic.

Lucid: Punchy teal with pops of yellow are inviting and unexpected.

Maritime: Evocative of the ocean, Maritime offers rich shades of green with cool undertones mixed with khaki and sandalwood.

Flannel: Inspired by the masculine elements of menswear, Flannel features a mix of chic grays for a daring aesthetic.

Henna: Soft shades of umber and chestnut create a soothing atmosphere.

Pressed Flint: Add warmth with shades of rich chocolate brown and taupe for a captivating and inviting feel.

Graffiti: Mixing stylish hues of blush and modern gray for an industrial, yet refined approach.

“Color isn’t just a combination of pigments seen by the eye,” comments Mills. “Throughout the day, colors will change slightly as light sources of varying strength dance across the room. The colors in your carpet interact heavily with the colors used throughout the rest of the interior and these interactions define a room.”

“Our carpet offers the power of narration. … with an extensive collection of sexy and sophisticated colorpoint, infinity and dye injection designs — the possibilities are endless!” — Marsha Mills

Color is not the only factor to consider when choosing new carpet. Texture adds dimension and depth. Whether it’s a lavish design for an opulent feel or a ribbed texture for a sleek and modern approach, incorporating texture increases the durability of your carpet and prolongs the life of the design.

“Flooring is a critical ingredient in any interior project that can make a profound and compelling impression on the overall design,” adds Mills. “Shape the mood of your club by creating a story to tell your audience starting from the ground up.”

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