The “phoenix” is an immortal bird associated with Greek mythology that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise “born again.” Our industry, as it turns out, has its own phoenix — Phoenix Phires, that is — who has been “born again.” After a successful run as a touring feature entertainer, Phoenix left the industry for a few years. But she recently announced her return to the stage and is currently taking feature bookings once again.

It was on Instagram that we first noticed that she had reemerged, looking as stunning as ever. So of course, we wanted to let the industry know that Phoenix had risen!

“I first decided to take a break when I moved across the country a few years ago,” said Phoenix of her hiatus. “I was planning to settle somewhere, but I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what I enjoy doing.”

What else has she been up to, and what can clubs expect from Phoenix Phires 2.0? Find out in our exclusive interview! And don’t miss Phoenix Phires’ personalized Spotify playlist, courtesy of Bob Chiappardi of

ED: What led you to come back to featuring, and when did you decide to take bookings again?

PHOENIX: I honestly really missed featuring. I likely would have come back sooner, but then the pandemic hit and I wasn’t sure at that time what that meant for the industry. I still continued to do other types of performances over the last few years including aerial performances and other forms of dance, but I miss putting together shows and being part of this industry. I’ve been thinking about coming back for a while, but I only officially announced it within the last few weeks.

ED: Are you a different feature entertainer now than you were a few years ago? If so, how?

PHOENIX: I have definitely grown a lot as an entertainer. I have a lot more experience with aerial arts now than I did when I left. I spent the last couple of years teaching and really getting into aerial fabrics.

I have also upgraded and expanded a few of my props, including some new fire props I am excited to share. But I do have a few ideas for new shows that I can hopefully bring to life soon!!

ED: You have won several titles over the years at the EDI (Exotic Dancer Invitational). Are you planning on competing in the 2023 EDI contest?  

PHOENIX: Yes, I do plan to compete again! I am looking forward to it!

For bookings, contact Frank Bane with Continental at (727) 363-7100.

Check out Phoenix’s personalized Spotify playlist, courtesy of Bob Chiappardi and!

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