(Note: This story appears in the January 2023 issue of ED Magazine)

John Jacquat’s career interest was sparked by a kind act that reflected trust and thoughtfulness, attributes that serve him well with Pure Risk Advisors.

ED: What’s one trait about yourself that people you conduct business with wouldn’t know about you or would be surprised to find out?

JACQUAT: I guess I would hope the way I am when working with my clients is exactly the way I am when I’m not. I try to be transparent, honest, knowledgeable and responsive.

ED: What attracted you to the insurance industry in the first place? When you were younger, what career path did you think you’d pursue, and how did it evolve into insurance?

JACQUAT: When I was younger, my dad’s financial advisor took us (from Wisconsin) to a Chicago Bulls game where we got to see Michael Jordan play. Not only did the advisor have my dad’s trust, he was thoughtful enough to treat us to that experience. I thought that it was very cool and I looked into careers that would allow me to do both of those things.

ED: When you’re not in the office or working first-hand with a client, how do you enjoy spending your time? What are your favorite hobbies?

JACQUAT: I am busy with my family. I help coach some of their sports teams. We enjoy doing things outside here in the mountains of Colorado. When I do take the time, I do enjoy a round of golf or a day of snowboarding.

ED: Despite its extreme significance (especially in this industry), insurance can sometimes seem dry or intimidating — what tactics have you used that have helped make this subject matter more digestible and easy to comprehend?

JACQUAT: I think it just takes time to learn how to explain things. Insurance is not at the forefront of anyone’s mind who isn’t in insurance so explaining concepts several ways and multiple times can help people better understand what’s important to their program.

ED: What’s the strangest claim you’ve ever dealt with in the industry?

JACQUAT: I think these are better left unshared here. Maybe better shared in a conversation at the EXPO.

ED: If you could change one thing about the adult nightclub industry, what would it be and why?

JACQUAT: The “insurance” joke regarding the club industry is that most insurance carriers won’t provide coverage because of both the risk and what they are. The joke is how many underwriters say, “We can’t write them but I could inspect them.” Hahaha … not helpful.

ED: Do you have a favorite sports team? Is there a sporting event you’ve never attended, but wish to?

JACQUAT: I am from a small town in Wisconsin, so my sports team is the Green Bay Packers. My favorite place to be in terms of a sporting event is Augusta National for The Masters Golf Tournament. I have been able to go a few times and you just can’t beat that day. No cell phones are allowed and the place is beautiful.

ED: Do you have a favorite band or music artist? Do you have a concert wish list?

JACQUAT: My favorite two bands are the Zac Brown Band and The Avett Brothers. Seeing them both play at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Colorado over the years is always a good time.

ED: Do you have a dream vacation destination? Or a personal favorite location you like to visit?

JACQUAT: I think beach trips are great. If you can pair a beach trip with a music concert and maybe don’t take the kids, that’s an ideal vacation destination.

ED: What’s your most memorable industry-related experience (either EXPO, our outside of EXPO)?

JACQUAT: I have enjoyed traveling to many EXPOs. Before I started coming to them, I had hardly ever been to Las Vegas. I enjoyed going to New Orleans and getting to see that city. I think Miami (2021) was one of my favorites because it was so great to come back together after the pandemic.

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