Halloween inspires all sorts of fun in the strip club industry, as well it should. There are themed parties galore, even strip club haunted houses like the one Spyce in Portland puts on each year.

Entertainers are always the center of attention in their respective clubs, but never more so than during Halloween, when they’re able to take their “dress-up” skills to an entirely new level. But rarely does a strip club costume go viral, as was the case recently with the pole-dancing dinosaur at Bucks Cabaret in Dallas. The award-winning club, host to the EDI West (Exotic Dancer Invitational) contest in 2019 and the upcoming EDI in 2020, got the rare-yet-oh-so-valuable attention that comes from over two million video views on social media. Apparently, when a T-Rex climbs the poll, it makes national news!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s two videos of “Annie” from Bucks Cabaret Dallas as the crowd makes it rain on T-Rex. She takes pole dancing to a “prehistoric” level!

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