Strip clubs having Halloween events is certainly nothing new. In fact, if you have a club and you aren’t doing a Halloween-themed party sometime this month, you’re missing out on a no-brainer club promotion. Who doesn’t like hot girls in sexy costumes?

There’s one club in the Pacific Northwest, however, that has taken their Halloween game to a level unmatched by anyone in the country. Spyce Gentlemen’s Club in Portland doesn’t just have a Halloween party—no, that’s much too basic for them. For five years straight, they’ve created a holiday attraction at the club itself—the “Strip Club Haunted House”—and each year it’s gained more regional (and even national) notoriety than the previous year.

But this year, they’ve outdone themselves. In addition to the annual event, which kicks off on October 24th and runs through Halloween, they’ve released a mini-movie to serve as a trailer of sorts for the Strip Club Haunted House. It stars club staff (DJ Dick Hennessey and Matt Doss, specifically) and entertainers from Spyce, and it is, dare we say, very well produced and pretty damn funny! (Gotta watch out for those copyright violations, though!) But don’t take our word for it, watch it for yourself right here:

The specific theme this year is Dick & Matt’s Halloween Whorror Nights and it looks to us like no matter what the admission price is (it starts at $18), it’s worth it!

For more information check out their website or their Facebook event page, and if you go to the Strip Club Haunted House, let us know how it is!

The mock VHS cover of the "Strip Club Haunted House" movie
The mock VHS cover of the “Strip Club Haunted House” movie

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