Deja Vu Showgirls Hollywood announces Katie Hill’s first and only totally nude stripping appearance!

Hopefully appearing live on Friday, Nov. 8 at midnight, the infamous strip club has extended a formal written offer of $50,000 to the ex-Congresswoman for a totally nude stripping performance.

“The moment we heard that Mrs. Hill was not only sexually adventurous but also wasn’t above taking nude selfies, we knew her career was headed into the gutters,” says Ryan Carlson, the club’s marketing director. “Since she’ll soon be looking for another job, we thought it appropriate to suggest a new career path for which she might be well suited – adult entertainment. We think it’s silly that people are so judgmental that they even care about what politicians do with their personal time, but we empathize with Mrs. Hill and want her to have post-Congress work opportunities nonetheless.”

In the unlikely event that the real Congresswoman Hill doesn’t show up, the club has planned a “Katie Hill Look-Alike Contest” and promised $2,000 to the winner. “Let’s not lie to ourselves. Katie Hill is super hot compared to most politicians, and there are lots of hot young ladies in Los Angeles, so we’re confident the night will be a success with a Look-Alike Contest,” continued Carlson. “No nudity will be required for Look-Alike Contest participants, and $2,000 in cash will be waiting for the winner!”

The club, which features over 125 totally nude dancers nightly, along with monthly porn stars, extended a formal invitation to Rep. Hill’s office this afternoon.

“We’re hopeful that we’ll draw a crowd of at least an extra thousand people,” continued Carlson. While the club normally sees about 1,200 guests on a Friday night, Mr. Carlson expects there to be well over 2,500. “Unsurprisingly, Katie Hill is a hot commodity right now with all of the publicity surrounding her affair scandal and nude photos online. We’re glad to offer her a second career choice.”

Reservations can be secured online by visiting

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