It’s #WinnerWednesday for the ’80s Movie Trivia Contest!

Even though the EXPO is still three months away, now is the time for you to get in on the fun! Each week for five straight weeks, we’ll be giving away a free EXPO badge for correct answers to all questions in our “Let’s Get Risky” ‘80s Movie Trivial Contest. Each week will have a different theme (action heroes, horror, John Hughs, etc.), and we will announce last week’s winner with the announcement of the new week’s contest.

Rules have changed just a bit: ALL successful entries—where all five questions are answered correctly—are entered into a drawing for one FREE Expo 2018 badge! And we’ll announce the winner next week on #WinnerWednesday! You have until Monday, June 11th, to submit your answers for this week’s trivia contest (contest launches on Thursday, June 7). 

Last Thursday (5/31) marked the first week of the contest—John Hughes week—and here are those questions (and corresponding answers):

Q1.) This contest takes its inspiration from EXPO 2018’s Opening Night Party theme, the “80’s Movie Party.” The phrase “movie party” comes from what John Hughes film?

ANSWER: Weird Science 

Q2.) In the movie “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” Clark W. Griswold (Chevy Chase) did not get the car (“family truckster”) he ordered. What specific color of station wagon did he originally order? 

ANSWER: Antarctic Blue

Q3.) In “Sixteen Candles,” when “The Geek” (Anthony Michael Hall) asked Samantha (Molly Ringwald) for her underwear, how long did he specifically say he wanted to borrow them for?

ANSWER: 10 minutes

Q4.) What is the name of the shop on the bag that Clarie (“The Breakfast Club”) keeps her lunch in?

ANSWER: Stanley Korshak

Q 5.) Of all the many actors who have appeared in John Hughes movies (where he was either the writer, director or both), which actor appeared in the most John Hughes movies?

ANSWER:  John Candy (5)

While we had several entries that had four out of five questions correct, the first person to get all five correct was feature entertainer and burlesque artist Lady Sirene, who gets our first free EXPO 2018 badge.

“At the EXPO I am looking forward to meeting up with friends and having the opportunity to meet more, making connections to work with amazing people and learning about things we can do to make this industry stronger,” says Lady Sirene. When we asked her what her movies her own personal ’80s movie marathon would include, she added, “‘Fuzzbucket,’ ‘Batteries Not Included,’ ‘Back to the Future,’ and the list goes on — it would have to be a multiple day marathon!”

The good news is we still have four more free badges to go! Here is the upcoming ’80s Movie Trivia category list:

Week 2 (6/7):  Action heroes

Week 3 (6/14): Horror/Sci-Fi

Week 4 (6/21): Romantic comedies

Week 5 (6/28): Sports flicks

The ’80s Movie Trivia Contest will launch at 2 pm EST tomorrow (#ThrowbackThursday #TT). Stay tuned to our ED Publications social media pages for all future movie trivia announcements!

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