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ED Special Focuses for 2022

January Issue: Deadline: Dec 10
Sit and Spin!

A Special Focus on club furnishings, carpet & dance poles
Whether your guests sit on them, set their drinks on them, or dance on them, club furnishings, carpet, dance poles and portable stages are a standard component of every adult nightclub in the US. Isn’t it about time yours get an upgrade? We’ll kick off 2022 by highlighting the newest styles, top companies and current trends in furniture, fixtures, dance poles and stages.

March Issue: Deadline: Feb 10
Now that’s a bright idea!

A Special Focus on exterior and interior lighting & signage
Lighting sets the mood for your club, whether it’s the exterior lighting that adds “curb appeal” or the interior lighting that flatters your entertainers. Upgrading your club’s lighting is a bright idea, and that’s why we’ll be featuring the top lighting and signage companies in this Special Focus!


May Issue: Deadline: April 10
Take a shot at a better bar!

A Special Focus on the “tools of the trade” for bartenders
Having the latest tools of the trade make your bartenders and wait staff happy and make your bar area more efficient. Increased efficiency means your bar staff and your club make more money. And isn’t that what everyone wants? If your bartenders or wait staff use it, you’ll find the companies who supply them in this Special Focus!


July Issue: Deadline: June 10
They put the “sin” in Sin City

A Special Focus on Las Vegas’ top adult nightclubs
As EXPO makes its triumphant return to Sin City, we’ll be highlighting the top adult nightclubs in what many consider to be the number-one market for adult clubs in the world. Our Las Vegas Market Feature will offer a directory of Vegas clubs and profile the clubs you MUST see when you’re in town for the 2022 EXPO (Bally’s, August 14-17).


September Issue: Deadline: August 25
The Who’s Who of EXPO ‘22

A Special Focus on EXPO 2022’s exhibitors and award winners
With so much to see and experience at the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO, it’s a bit of a whirlwind. Thankfully our “Who’s Who of EXPO ’22” Special Focus will shine the spotlight on convention exhibitors, sponsors, and winners from the 24th Annual ED’s Awards Show.

November Issue: Deadline: October 15
What’s YOUR online marketing plan?

A Special Focus on social media marketing
Where can adult nightclubs turn for help with their social media accounts? What are the top strategies for utilizing social media in ways that will actually put butts in seats? This Special Focus will highlight the companies that offer modern online marketing tactics.

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January 2022 Special Focus
Sit and Spin!
March 2022 Special Focus
Now that’s a bright idea!
May 2022 Special Focus
Take a shot at a better bar!
July 2022 Special Focus
They put the “sin” in Sin City
September 2022 Special Focus
The Who’s Who of EXPO ‘22
November 2022 Special Focus
What’s YOUR online marketing plan?

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