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ED Special Focuses for 2021

January Issue: Deadline: Dec 10
Don’t Touch!

Hands-free solutions for your club
Until COVID is in our rearview mirror, the more “touchless” solutions clubs can utilize the better it will be for them, their staff, entertainers and guests. We’ll highlight anything and everything that’s truly touchless, including solutions for restrooms, payment processing and more.

Touchless payment options * Money guns * Touchless hand sanitizing stations
Temperature-check devices * Hand-dryers * Soap dispensers * Trash receptacles

March Issue: Deadline: Feb 10
Keep Your Hands to Yourself!

The best security products
In the “new normal,” how clubs keep their entertainers, staff and patrons safe will be changing. When communication is key and “touch-free” is the goal, security products like radios, wands, metal detectors and touch-free ID scanners become go-to solutions for clubs. We’ll highlight the products and companies that provide these critical products and services.

Touch-free ID scanners * Wands * Metal detectors * Radios * Partitions * Signage

May Issue: Deadline: April 10
South Florida Market Feature

Clubs that turn up the heat!
It’s arguably the number-one club market in the US -and- it’s the host city for the 20/21 EXPO! So why not take a look at what makes South Florida clubs so special? In this ED Market Feature, we look at this incredible area for adult clubs, and list the top clubs from West Palm Beach to Miami.

Top S. Florida clubs * Top South-Florida-based businesses * Top S. Florida entertainers

July Issue: Deadline: June 10
Stay On Track!

Products to track everything that matters to you!
Every dollar, every dime — and every person — is important to the success of your club. There are several companies that can help you keep track of those things that matter most, whether it’s your liquor inventory, your dance sales, your POS system, your payroll or your entertainers.

Liquor inventory systems * Pour control products * Payroll companies
Dancer communication/apps * POS systems * Dance tracking

September Issue: Deadline: July 30
The Top 10 Industry Insurance Companies!

There are a handful of items your club NEEDS to operate, and insurance is certainly at the top of that list. But which companies have your best interests in mind, and which ones truly know the specific needs of the gentlemen’s club industry? In this Special Focus, we highlight the ONLY insurance companies that clubs should call for coverage.

November Issue: Deadline: October 10
Year-End Discounts!

Companies with year-end specials!
Whether it’s cars, furniture or electronics, the end of the year always seems to be the time of the “deal,” and our industry is no different! In our November issue’s Special Focus, we’ll highlight companies that are offering specials on products and/or services that are at least 30% off their regular price!

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January 2021 Special Focus
Don’t Touch!
March 2021 Special Focus
Keep Your Hands to Yourself!
May 2021 Special Focus
South Florida Market Feature
July 2021 Special Focus
Stay On Track!
September 2021 Special Focus
The Top 10 Industry Insurance Companies!
November 2021 Special Focus
Year-End Discounts!

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