Imagine if a misplaced comma was the difference between receiving financial aid or being declined or strung along for months on end—amid a pandemic.

Unfortunately, this is the true-life horror the team at Rebel Capital, a subsidiary of Rebel Holdings, has seen as millions of business owners reach out to the Small Business Administration, the government agency in charge of doling out money to business owners like yourself.

“We work with the SBA directly, so besides working with them directly, we have experience already depending on how the paperwork is turned in,” says Erick Puma with Rebel Capital. “There’s a certain way and certain information—the more information you provide, the easier it is to get prequalified.”

Sure enough though, exacting that paperwork can be the biggest headache new clients face applying for a loan. 

“We have seen club owners become frustrated by the amount of time and effort the process takes and abandon their applications when they are a few steps away from approval,” says Chamir Shivers, also with Rebel Capital. “We request fewer documents and pre-qualify clients between 24-48 hours while traditional banks can take days even weeks for just a pre-qualification. We understand the value of time which is why our program is geared to save the time and headaches by letting us handle the applications.”

As Shivers points out, being bogged down by incomplete or incorrect paperwork can translate to losing your spot in line.

“The advantage to working with us is we’ve done this hundreds of times, we know what to expect,” says Shivers. “If you were to go and do this on your own, you send in half the documents or don’t send in certain documents, you’ll be going back and forth and there are millions of businesses applying and you can get lost.”

“There’s a certain way and certain information—the more information you provide, the easier it is to get prequalified.” — Erick Puma, Rebel Capital

Rebel Capital’s only prerequisites for clubs are that they generate more than $15,000 a month in revenue and have been in business for more than six months.

“Some of our loan products have more stringent requirements but we are happy to work to fund anyone who meets those minimums.

“We have found in helping clients specifically with SBA products that our services reduce the time, effort and headaches that trying to navigate the process can raise,” adds Shivers. “Our philosophy to be better, faster and easier for our clients through our Rapid Funding programs is what makes us different. Our goal is help club owners not only survive, but to also build revenues by having the money to fund their growth.”

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