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ED Special Focuses for 2020

January Issue: Deadline: Dec 10
The new-tech evolution

Special Focus January 2020Whether it’s apps, social media marketing, virtual reality or state-of-the-art POS systems, new technology has arrived that can help you manage your club, market your club or make it more attractive to a younger clientele. Our “New-Tech Evolution” Special Focus will highlight the latest technology aimed at the evolving gentlemen’s club industry and why you need to know about what these products and services can do for you.
#tech #newtechnology #apps #VR #virtualreality #socialmedia #IDverification

March Issue: Deadline: Feb 10
The show(girl) must go on

Special Focus 2020For the first time ever, the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO will present “Feature Entertainers Row,” where club owners and operators can meet some of the industry’s top touring features. In our “The Show(girl) must go on” Special Focus, we’ll showcase all of the top industry feature entertainers, including those scheduled for “Feature Entertainers Row,” as well as the showgirls competing in the Annual Exotic Dancer Invitational (EDI) East and West Contests in 2020.
#showgirl #feature entertainer #dancer #exoticdancer #burlesque #EDI

May Issue: Deadline: April 10
When SE met ED

Special Focus 2020Magazine readers may not know that we publish a “sister” magazine, STOREROTICA (SE), which is a B2B magazine for the adult store and lingerie boutique industries. Over the past few years, a number of companies within this sector have become interested in the obvious similarities between clubs and stores, and explored this crossover appeal by exhibiting at the EXPO. In this “When SE met ED” Special Focus, we highlight the companies and products that should be of interest to gentlemen’s clubs.

#adult store #boutique #crossover #lingerieboutique #erotic

July Issue: Deadline: June 10
We’ll drink to that!

Special Focus 2020The 2019 EXPO saw a surge in liquor, wine & beer brands supporting the industry’s convention through sponsorships and tradeshow booths, and the 2020 EXPO will surely continue this trend. In our “We’ll drink to that!” Special Focus, we will showcase the liquor brands who have made the gentlemen’s club industry a priority by supporting its only national convention, tradeshow and awards show.
#liquor #alcohol #tequila #vodka #rum #beer #champagne #wine

September Issue: Deadline: July 30
Attack the chargeback

Special Focus 2020* distributed at EXPO
They call it “buyer’s remorse.” They call it a “drunken mistake.” Whatever they call it, you call chargebacks a serious pain in the ass. So what products and services will protect you when that big spender decides to double-cross your club by trying to get out of paying for his bill? And what can your club staff do to prevent a chargeback from happening in the first place?
Our “Attack the chargeback” Special Focus will answer these questions and more.
#chargeback #creditcard #buyersremorse #IDverification #servers

November Issue: Deadline: October 10
Don’t sleep on the barkeep

Special Focus 2020* EXPO Recap issue
There’s only one product that you sell everyday in your club. That product, of course, is the beverages you offer your guests, be they liquor or non-alcoholic. So what are you using to serve these libations? Are your bartender’s tools of the trade archaic? And how are you tracking your beverage sales to know that you’re maximizing your profits? Our “Don’t sleep on the barkeep” Special Focus will showcase products that will ensure your bar is slingin’ drinks in the most stylish and efficient ways possible.
#glassware #barproducts #inventory #POS #bartools #mixology #shots #pourcontrol


January 2020 Special Focus
The new-tech evolution
March 2020 Special Focus
The show(girl) must go on
May 2020 Special Focus
When SE met ED
July 2020 Special Focus
We’ll drink to that!
Special Focus July 2020
September 2020 Special Focus
Attack the chargeback
November 2020 Special Focus
Don’t sleep on the barkeep
Special Focus September 2020 Special Focus November 2020

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