XCP Corporation has installed the VendaCard “fully automated lap dance cashless timer payment system” at the Silks Entertainment Night Club in Palm Harbor, Florida. Customers and the selected entertainer both walk up to the VendaCard ATM to purchase “entertainment” time.

An entertainer’s keyfob that allows for “automated” entertainment.

The entertainer inserts her keyfob into the VendaCard reader-writer slot. Next, she inserts any amount of cash that the customer desires to have entertainment provided. The amount of cash inserted is written to the Keyfob followed by a printed receipt ticket. The parties then go to the private room where the entertainer inserts the keyfob into the VendaCard terminal for the timed entertainment. The entertainer retains the receipt tickets and her keyfob until the end of the evening when she turns them over to management for her share of the revenue printed on the receipt tickets.

For more information, visit the XCP website here.

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