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Tomorrow’s Hits Today! Today’s guest is Nashville singer/songwriter/producer Justin Wilson! Over the years, Wilson has recorded songs by country stars like Morgan Wallen, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett, Riley Green, Granger Smith, Parmalee, Nate Smith, and many more! His first#1 song, “KISS YOU IN THE MORNING” was recorded by Michael Ray, quickly to be followed up by Randy Houser’s “WE WENT”, Mitchel Tenpenny’s“DRUNK ME” and Dustin Lynch’s “MOMMA’S HOUSE”.

We talk about the influence of rock sounds and rock lyrical influence in today’s country music. Wilson also shares with us the long-winding story of the track“Straight Outta Cold Beer” which ended up on Blake Shelton’s album IF I’M HONEST. We play Wilson’s version with Wilson on lead vocals for the first time! How do you take a dark lyric and shine it up, polish it off, and make it feel bright and celebratory? It’s an art unto itself that Wilson explains to us.

Wilson’s latest project is the tv show “BANDED: THE MUSICIAN COMPETITION”, with our very own Bob Chiappardi as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, airing NOW Saturday nights on AXS TV!

Here’s the premise for the show: Imagine finding 25 musicians (5 singers, 5 guitarists, 5 drummers, 5 bass players, and 5 keyboard players), splitting them up into 5 different bands in their preferred genres (most of whom have never met or played together), sticking them with songwriters/mentors, record the songs in a major studio for the first time, and then perform the songs 2 weeks later in front of a live audience, celebrity judges, and in front of 10+ cameras for the first time! MIND-BLOWING how difficult this must have been for these artists! We can’t wait to watch the show.

We get to hear a demo of the song “SHOOT FROM THE HIP” from the band Wilson mentored on the show, known as Gamblers In The Neon!

Are you ready for some CONTROVERSY??? Danny brings us the new Dolly Parton ROCK track “World On Fire”. Wait’ll you hear the blowback from Danny’s dis of the track on Tik Tok and the passionate discussion Danny, Ilan, Bob, and Justin get into around Dolly, the track, and the upcoming rock album!!!

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As always, Danny, Bob, and Ilan pick 9 new hot tracks to fit your club’s party needs.

Hosted by Danny Meyers, Ilan Fong & Bob Chiappardi.


Track List:

Tyga Day One

Airwolf Paradise ft Paul Johnson Only Man

Nickelback Skinny Little Missy

Justin Wilson Straight Outta Cold Beer

Gamblers in the Neon Shoot From the Hip

Dolly Parton World On Fire 

Janelle Monae Lipstick Lover

Christopher Shayne One More Round

Elley Duhe, Whethan Money On the Dash

Pretty Ricky Grind With Me (FS Green Remix)


As always, Danny, Bob, and Ilan pick 9 new hot tracks to fit your club’s party needs.

Hosted by Danny Meyers, Ilan Fong & Bob Chiappardi.

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