4x National Pole Dance Champion
2019 EDI East Newcomer 1st Runner Up
2019 Stripper Olympics Grand Champion

I love my job. I have fought so hard to get just this far and I want to—and plan to—go so much further. I don’t have many likes or interests outside of dancing. Pole dancing, health and fitness, performing, dressing up (or down), music, lights, fun atmosphere, making people laugh/smile/happy. That’s all part of it. I literally have my dream job.

10 questions for Miss ExoticDancer.com

ED: What does it mean to be named Miss ExoticDancer.com of the Month?
BAILEY: I’m happy and feel very special to be noticed by the industry it shows my work is being seen. Thank you for the opportunity!

ED: How’d you get your start as an entertainer?
BAILEY: I became a stripper because I needed money in a bad way and I was desperate. I was poor, 19 with a baby, and had two boxes of belongings. I saw my first pole dancer and fell in love with the stage instantly. Then after about two years, I started doing showgirl-type things before I knew what features and showgirls were. I dressed up for no reason and matched my music to my costume, one time I was a vampire for a whole month and it was definitely not October! People made fun of me but it led me to featuring, so, oh well.

Bailey Fox Miss August 2020I decided I wanted to be a feature in July 2017. I asked Natasha Nova to help me. I attended the 2018 EDI East Competition at the Manor In West Palm Beach just to watch and see what I had to learn. After that, I competed (badly) in the Stripper Olympics. I didn’t even bring a show or know how to do one. After, I attended my first EXPO. I spent all of 2018 watching and learning and then in 2019, I entered the EDIs and introduced myself to the industry as Pikachu. I won first runner up Newcomer Division on my first try!

And then I entered the Stripper Olympics at Micheal’s Men’s Club and became the first in history to win first place in all three divisions (and won best legs!). The following Expo, I wasn’t in the background anymore, people were coming up to me and calling me by name—and I got to perform twice. That had me on top of the world happy.

ED: What’s your earliest memory performing on-stage?
BAILEY: I remember my very first audition in a strip club and I would give anything to have a video of it. It was so bad. I looked like a child, way too young to be in there. No make-up, weird hair, a Walmart lingerie set and really big ugly boots. I absolutely could not dance, I was just flailing around. Totally horrible. Everyone is bad when they start.

ED: What’s the most fun you’ve had on your travels performing?
BAILEY: Any time Natasha and I do duo shows. I almost always have fun traveling and performing, but when I get to do it with one of my favorite people, it makes it even better!

ED: Who has been your biggest mentor, teaching you the ropes of performing?
BAILEY: Natasha Nova! I feel like I don’t even have to answer that question. If you know my name, you know Natasha made me.

ED: What was your quarantine go-to activity?
BAILEY: Growing my name and internet image. Once I found out I couldn’t work anymore and was stuck in my house, I immediately got to work. I ran my Instagram better, made a website, Twitter, YouTube channel, hired Bobby Mac to create my logo (he did a perfectly immaculate job on the first try)—started building my brand trying to be seen.

ED: Your favorite body part of yourself?
BAILEY: My abs when i have them.

ED: What is your favorite saying?
BAILEY: I’ve never been a dreamer. A go-getter maybe but dreaming never got anyone anywhere. It’s mine—it popped in my head one day and weaved its way through my entire life.

ED: Best and worst pick-up line:
Worst: Hey you wanna fuck, you wanna fuck naked?
Best: You’re the only 10 I see (cause I’m from Tennessee and its cheesy, dumb, and funny).

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