Showgirl entertainer Pixie Raye won ED’s Newcomer Entertainer of the Year Award, and she’s been taking things to the next level ever since. After being in the industry for just under a decade, Pixie is emerging as a hot favorite for feature entertainer bookings, and she’s definitely raising the bar for newcomers. Pixie has stolen the spotlight — and our hearts — with her fun, bubbly personality and her ability to adapt to any club. She’s also our Miss for February!

What does it mean to be named Miss of the Month?
To be named Miss of the month is a true honor to be recognized for your attributes as a performer. I can’t express what it means to me to be showcased as Miss as so many of the feature entertainers before me, that I look up to you, have paved the way.

Can you take us back to your first feature performance?
My first feature performance was actually at the 2018 EDI West competition at Centerfolds Cabaret in Las Vegas. I did an “I Love Pixie” – themed show, which was based off the classic sitcom “I Love Lucy.” I was petrified! I trained for two months prior to the performance and I must say as soon as I stepped on that stage everything I planned on doing was completely out the window. And I just went with it. It was completely all over the place, there were all kinds of props, voiceover narrative, confetti, bubble bath and cameos. I made a complete mess on stage, but it just worked!

Your favorite thing about the industry?
My favorite thing about the industry has to be meeting new people, literally being able to socialize every day with someone new is such a privilege. The more brains I get to pick, the more I am subconsciously acquiring knowledge from experience. Also be a part of making impressionable memories with my guest as an entertainer is also such an amazing feeling. To get people to let their guard down and enjoy themselves, if only for the moment, never gets old.

Where do you turn to for inspiration?
I literally have such an amazing group of entertainers around me that I call friends. They not only inspire me, but also I can call them and ask for advice and emotional support. Being a feature entertainer from my experience is like a sisterhood. I wouldn’t be anything without my girls.

If you could be a dancer for any movie star, who would you dance for?
If I could dance for any actor it would have to be Idris Elba. Totally fan girl over him. He a super talented as a performer but I think that accent sold me!

Your favorite body part of yourself?
My favorite body part or myself is definitely my booty. I am a subconscious twerker. I shake it everywhere I go.

What do you think the sexiest song is to dance to?
I will definitely have to say “The Thong Song.” I mean, who doesn’t want to shake it every time the thong song comes on?!

What gets your motor purring?
Hmm … I’m definitely a foodie. I have a special dance every time I get excited about my next meal. If you want to date me, feed me!!

What is your favorite saying?
Great things never come from comfort zones.

Best and worst pick-up line:
Best pick up line: I am not stalking you, I’m doing research.
Worst pick up line: Do I know you? Because you look like my next girlfriend


Facebook: Pixie Raye 
Instagram: @pixieownsit

How To Book This Entertainer

A List Features - 727-367-1001 | VISIT SITE
Centerfold Strips - 877-427-8747 | VISIT SITE
Continental Agency - 727-363-7100 | VISIT SITE

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