Storm Area 51 - Ultimate Alien Party DejaVu Hustler
Storm Area 51 - Ultimate Alien Party DejaVu Hustler

Whether or not the millions of people who signed up for the “Storm Area 51” event on Facebook will find aliens is still unknown, but one thing they will find for certain?


Yes, leave it to Nevada – home to legal prostitution – to inject strippers into a seemingly unrelated event.

Deja Vu Services, Inc., the country’s largest group of strip clubs, adult retail stores, and the like, is also the largest operator of adult entertainment businesses in the Silver State with about a dozen locations there.

“Come September 20th, we’ll be there,” says Ryan Carlson, the company’s director of operations.  “We know what most Americans know – that strippers make any event better – and this one will be no exception.”

Deja Vu Services, Inc., will have its “Strippermobile” making the rounds in Area 51 on Sept. 20.

The company plans to bring about a dozen strippers and its infamous strip club on wheels, the “Strippermobile.” Calling it the “Ultimate Alien Tailgate Party,” Deja Vu intends to entertain anybody who shows up – before or after the “raid.”  Making it rain, of course, will be strongly encouraged.

“We don’t know if there’s aliens at Area 51, but if there are, they’ll be entertained upon their rescue, along with any party-goers that attend.  After all, if an iconic institution like the American strip club isn’t a way to welcome our extraterrestrial friends, then we don’t know what is,” continues Carlson.

Deja Vu, whose group includes various businesses like the Hustler Club, Little Darlings, and the Love Boutiques, is headquartered in Las Vegas and has about 200 locations in 40 states and 6 countries.  Little Darlings just celebrated its 25th year at its iconic location and the group just opened a new karaoke nightclub on Fremont Street, “The Cat’s Meow.”  The group is one of the Top 30 employers in the Las Vegas as ranked by number of employees.

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