Koyotee J VonDiva is an unmatched international touring Feature entertainer that has award winning talent and showstopping moves holding over 30 worldwide titles. She has both proven to be stunning on stage as In Style. She creates a Spectacle that will keep onlookers Mesmerized and reaching down to retrieve their jaws from the floor. From fire to Ariel to pole to wild showers to light effects each show brings a little something different to the stages that you won’t be able to walk away from. If you own or manage a club and would like to book Koyotee J VonDiva for shows you can contact your favorite booking agency or by emailing Koyotee_j@yahoo.com for more info.

Representing Teasers KeyWest, Florida

What does it mean to be named Miss ExoticDancer.com of the Month?
It’s an honor I’m taking it as I am being recognized for the hard work and the many accomplishments I have done in this business. It is a great opportunity for me to shine as a positive role model for others in our business.

How did you get in the industry?
I worked for coyote ugly in Chicago so I was accustomed to entertaining and building a crowd up. In 2006 I entered a burlesque  competition at fantasy fest in Key West I did my vampire blood bath show and won. I was booking my own shows then In 2008 I took that show too nudes a Poppin and won newcomer of the year and agents started contacting me..

Your favorite thing about the industry?
in making my own schedules traveling the world Creatively playing dress up I get to entertain , party , and work all at the same time. Oh also watching every other entertainer grow and bring more to the table pushes me to stay up on my game!!!!

If you could be a dancer for any movie star, who would you dance for?

Oh that’s easy ,, Jason Stratham,
He’s sooo hot , his accent , and he always kicks butt!!!!

Your favorite body part of yourself?
My eyes, every sinceI was little I remember people saying how I had mesmerizing  bedroom eyes…eye contact is everything …

What gets your motor purring?

When someone is totally indulged in lust with me but yet is in total control…. I’m always in control in my daily life it gives me a sense of Euphoria of a break.

What is your favorite saying?
Work hard , Play harder.. cuz I’m a party in glass overflowing ..

Best and worst pick-up line:
Best: I like a women who knows what she wants and has her shit together, I think we would get along….
Worst: you shouldn’t be doing this, your worth more, let me take care of you…

Height: 5’4
Weight: 135
Ring finger size 7 :)-

2019 June cover and centerfold model for Nightmoves Magazine
2019 July cover model Bound by Skin Magazine
2019 NAP Miss Exotic Pole Champ
Miss Nude North America Beauty Pageant 2nd runner-up
2019 FDNC Masters Division Hottest Stage Presence

2018 NAP Miss Nude Exotic Pole Runner-up
Miss Nude North America Finalist
2018 FDNC Masters division (Feature Dancer National championship) Best Breast
and many more!!

-Jerry Springer -Reality Show Stripper Mansion -various Commercials -Axis T.V. -O’ Riley Facter — waters world

-Cherri -Playboy -Tabu Tattoo -Hustler -Adult Quest -Excitement -Nightmoves -Bound By Skin -several local advertising magazines

Booking Agents:
-A-list -Continental -StripMall -Sinsational Features -Centerfolds

EXPO deal 1