Need to heat things up? The new “One Margarita” remix sounds like summer.

The origins of this super hot track, which is being used in TikToks across the Internet, might surprise you: the remix was inspired by a clip of a campus preacher jokingly rapping to the Macarena song on a podcast.

“This sounds like a rap song,” actress and host Angel Laketa Moore (A Black Lady Sketch Show), said in a clip from a May 24 episode of the pop-culture podcast Here’s the Thing—which she co-hosts with TikToker Kevin Fredericks—before she asked for a beat and improvised the rap,” “One Margarita” to many boisterous laughs.

Moore was referencing a sermon from campus preacher Cindy Smock, aka Sister Cindy, whose clips tend to go viral on TikTok. Sister Cindy travels to college campuses to preach abstinence, and, in a recent speech at LSU, said that if you buy a woman one margarita, she will “spread her legs.” 

Moore shared her rap online and Casa Di Music (producers Carl Dixon and Steve Terrell) quickly produced a remix, adding something “bright and upbeat” behind the sample to give it that summer energy.

Borrowing Moore’s lyrics, Casa Di Music remixes: “Give me one margarita I’mma open my legs/Gimme two margarita I’mma give you some head/Gimme three margaritas I’mma put it in my puss/Gimme four margaritas I’mma put it in my tush.”

In the longer version, there’s a sexual response to up to six margaritas.

Loved by margarita drinkers everywhere, the remix from Casa Di Music is an instant bop! It was posted May 25 and used in more than 78,000 TikToks in just four days. Casa Di Music is the account behind the viral Beyoncé “My Husband” and “bombastic side eye” remixes which have reached similar overnight success.

“Both” by Tiesto

Mega-producer and dance music icon Tiësto has something new to the club, and the track, “Both” will be featuring BOTH 21 Savage and BIA. 

“I couldn’t have imagined a better partnership for this song,” Tiësto states, and BIA and 21 Savage agree.

Expressing her excitement to be involved in the project, BIA enthuses, “Being a part of this track was an amazing experience. Collaborating with Tiësto and 21 Savage was a blast, and the beat is absolutely fire. I’m eagerly anticipating the world’s reaction to this record.”

21 Savage also adds that, “This is the kind of track that gets the party going in the club! Working alongside Tiësto and BIA was an awesome experience, and I’m thrilled to have contributed a verse to this sensational piece.”

Every track from Tiësto is a global hit, and this hip-hop/electronic song is no exception. The catchy club beat with uplifting, memorable raps from 21 Savage and BIA is a feel-good dance song, produced by Tiësto.

“Both” follows the ongoing success of Tiësto whose recently released seventh studio album, “Drive,” was the first RIAA-certified album of 2023 in the US. “Both” is out now via Atlantic Records.

“Needs” by Tinashe

Tinashe’s instinct for rhythm accompanies the kind of undressed lyrics that leave any listener feeling themselves, dancing in what she calls a “collaboration” with her fans, especially to her new hit single, “Needs.”

Fusing innovative sounds from R&B, pop and hip-hop, multi-platinum-certified Tinashe has generated a global cross-genre fanbase. Self-made, Aquarius-style, Tinashe writes and produces her music, as well as directs her own music videos.

Since her first album, Aquarius, came out in 2014 and debuted in the top 20 on the Billboard 200, she has released four more studio albums, not including BB/ANG3L, as well as several mixtapes and numerous hit singles. “Needs” is the second official single of BB/ANG3L. 

Although it sings of the suffering of longing, “Needs” is sexy and fun, like all of Tinashe’s music. Tinashe shares her excitement for dancers to tease to it:

“I love the strip club. I just think it’s so fun. I mean, any environment where you have dancing, music, like that’s all you need to say to me and I’m like, ‘I’m sold. I’m there. That sounds like a great time.’ Those are my two main things: music and dancing. Boom, ‘nuff said,” she says in her interview with ED Magazine, via

“Ride” by Bones UK

The rock band Bones UK is itself relatively new, but it leans on rock legends like Jeff Beck, a sort of mentor for the band before he passed. The band has since garnered significant attention from its first eponymous album, Bones UK (2016). It won’t be long until the Bones name is in the Rolling Stones pages, like Beck’s is. Already, you’ll be hearing these rock and roll tunes in the strip clubs, especially the latest release, “Ride” (2023). 

“Ride” is the eighth single from Bones UK, a song denouncing “toxic masculinity,” as much as its an anthem for a cooler guy who doesn’t need material goods to feel confident. “Ride” addresses male cockiness with satire.

“Less about BIG DICK ENERGY and more about DON’T BE A DICK energy,” Bones explains in her interview with ED Magazine, via, adding that she hopes exotic dancers feel “empowered” when this track comes on.

“We think stripping is incredibly powerful,” she says.

“Dumptruck” by Wheeler Walker Jr.

Wheeler Walker Jr. may have developed a loyal legion of followers — on Spotify alone he has over 1.6 million monthly listeners and the track “F**k You Bitch” has been streamed over five million times — but the country music elite never embraced him or his music.

Follow in the footsteps of David Allen Coe, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, Walker. Jr. was attempting to bring back the rebellious spirit into what he believed had become a very safe, pop-infused style of music. But the world of country music apparently wasn’t ready for him or his raunchier songs like “Sit On My Face,” “Finger Up My Butt” and “F***ed by a Country Boy.” 

So if the country folks aren’t ready to come to the Wheeler Walker Jr. party, perhaps the rock world will be. His brand new album, ‘Ram,’ presents a more rock ’n’ roll approach with tracks like “Dump Truck,” “Money ’N’ Bitches” and “Fingerblast.” This may be Walker’s fifth album — his second in two years — but in some ways, it’s a new beginning for the always outspoken, never apologetic (and very adult-nightclub-friendly) rebel with a cause.

(Adapted from Dave Manack’s intro to interview with ED Magazine, via

“When I Pull Up (Remix ft. Drew Jacobs)” by Justin Champagne

Home is where his heart is. The music of Justin Champagne reflects the terrain he grew up in. Born and raised in Louisiana, his lyrics traverse the swampy stories of the Deep South backcountry. Largely inspired by the loss of his father at a young age — an amateur musician who sang and played guitar — to pursue music with drive, Champagne is known for his genre-bending hit, the first of which was “Sun Goes Down” (2016).

“Since I was a kid, music is all I’ve wanted to do,” says Champagne. “I know my dad had the music in him, too. I want to be something special for him, and for me. I want to have that life he wanted.”

Like a good gumbo, Champagne combined a variety of his favorite sounds together to make “Sun Goes Down,” including rapping and storytelling, and the song became a hit, earning more than a million listens on Spotify, setting Champagne up for a career in boundary-breaking and trendsetting.

“Why do people need to stick to just one genre?” Champagne asks. “I want to do it all at once, writing country songs with pop hooks where I can rap. I just put everything into one big pot and start cooking. People call it ‘country-rap,’ but it’s just music, man. I wouldn’t want to call it anything else.” 

Three short years later, “When I Pull Up” has officially gone Gold as certified by RIAA. In celebration of the accomplishment, Champagne has collaborated with rising rock star Drew Jacobs for a head-banging rock remix.

Drew Jacobs, from Michigan, is also known for his genre-bending re-imaginings of country hits into rock anthems and has earned in return a number of Billboard Hard Rock #1s.

Produced by Noise Machine, “When I Pull Up (Remix)” has a hard-hitting hip-hop beat and a rock & roll chorus, which plays into a developing genre blending country and hip-hop, some call ‘hick-hop’

“Teaming up with Drew for this remix was amazing!!!” says Champagne. “Rock is a genre that I love to infuse into my music, so this collab allowed me to dive into another level of creativity!! You will hear more of this from me soon!! This was the perfect celebration of ‘When I pull Up’ going GOLD!!”

“When Justin reached out to me about creating a rock version of his song ‘When I Pull Up’ to celebrate it going gold, it was a no brainer,” adds Jacobs. “As if the song wasn’t a smash already, this remix sends it to another level and I know the fans will love it as much as we do. Justin and I have known and supported each others careers for years now and to finally be able to work alongside each other is awesome. 

“The whole experience was a blast and we partied it up like rockstars the entire time. Congrats, Justin! You earned this, brother. Thank you for letting me celebrate with you! Can’t wait for the next one.”

Now they’re sayin’, “God damn”

God damn

“Keys To The Kingdom” by Blacklist Union

Rock isn’t dead, not according to Blacklist Union, four LA-based hard rockers who have traveled the country in search of the rock & roll spirit, and found it in each other.

“Just like anything, it evolves,” says Tony West, band leader of Blacklist Union, in his interview with ED Magazine, via “I mean, thank God for Seattle because it wiped off all the poser bands back in the ’90s. But now is the perfect time for a kick ass rock band to come along and conquer the world.”

West met his drummer, Paul Crosby, in Memphis in 1998. West was raised in the Bronx on the likes of Ramones and was called to the Wild West at 19 years old. He played with Malfunkshun, which helped to shape his sound, before going on to form his own band in 2006, Blacklist Union, a uniquely shamanstic rock sound which has influence from Malfunkshun, Stone Temple Pilots, G N’ R and New York Dolls.

West says of his band that “Blacklist Union has our own sound, and we don’t change because something is hip or trendy. We stick to our guns and do what we do.”

“Keys to the Kingdom” comes from “Letters from the Psych Ward,” the band’s fifth album.

“I have definitely evolved and healed through traumas and pains, and I think that definitely shows in each album, especially Letters from the Psych Ward,” says West.

“Keys to the Kingdom is one of the more upbeat songs on the album, which reviews call a “Marilyn Manson-like rhythm.”

“Keys to the Kingdom is a very great song,” says West. “It has groove, it has meaning, and it’s super catchy and danceable.”

Westcreek is a powerful four-year-old 5-piece metal rock group from San Antonio, Texas. Guitarist John Mckinnis and Vocalist Daniel Bas write the lyrics for Westcreek, which have to do with hope(lessness) and despair, in promotion of positivity and freedom.

“Music can transcend lives; no matter what the circumstances,” the band’s bio begins on their webpage.

In interviews, they’ve said: “Our band’s core focus is to allow people an outlet, through our music, to cope with and overcome the many struggles that come with this life. With the lyrical content being the forefront of the band’s melodic, aggressive sound, Westcreek allows you to free yourself from pain, resentment and sorrow.”

Described as alternative metal music, Westcreek says that their music has to do with overcoming loss, depression and anxiety. 

“Sometimes we never realize the depth of our mistakes until someone we love is impacted,” says Mckinnis. “The choices and decisions we make now will affect more than just our lives. We hope our music will help alleviate some pain and lead to happier times.”

“Let Me Bleed” follows the release of Westcreek’s debut album, What’s Left of Me, which was released in 2022. Controlled growls meet music that just bleeds through the metallic screams of the guitar.

“It’s a song about messing up your life,” according to the band’s webpage.

“Let Me Bleed” was recorded at Dark Tone Audio in Houston, Texas with Ramon Villarreal (producer/engineer) and mastered by Ted Jensen. The song was released on Wake Up! Music Rocks. 

“Devil You Know” by Tim Montana

Tim Montana grew up in Butte, Montana completely off the grid, with no electricity. At just six years old, he began entertaining himself with playing the guitar and making music. 

On his website, he says, “Music was an escape from being secluded in the woods. When I played guitar and closed my eyes I was leaving Butte and seeing the world.”

When he was really did leave Butte, it was for the non-stop energy of Los Angeles and, eventually, Nashville, but Montana never lost sight of his Montana roots. A number of interactions with the likes of David Letterman (in the name of loving Montana, of all things) has led him to garnering some attention, and Montana has since worked with stars as surprising and differing as Kid Rock and Charlie Sheen. Now a rising star, Tim Montana was just named “On the Verge” rock artist by iHeartRadio.

After Montana’s first album with Broken Bow Records, Long Shots, came out in 2021, he intentionally shifted into rock and roll for his second, to get back in touch with childhood inspirations like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Foo Fighters.

The first taste of that highly-anticipated new album set to release this year, also with Broken Bow Records, is the single, “Devil You Know”—a song with a rock sound and the country folk style of storytelling combined. Shifting back and forth between a binary of knowledge, the track is both moody and hard, emotional and grizzly. 

There’s a devil you know, a devil you don’t

The accompanying visual of Montana holding tight to his guitar tells the story of a man who grew up without his bio dad, and “Devil You Know” is a grunge ballad for those who suffer disappointment. Married now and with four kids of his own, “Devil You Know” is his dedication for Montana to “be the dad I never had,” a relatable, familiar circumstance for so many young man to find hope.

One’s in your head, one’s in your soul
All my life’s been the same damn thing
Still chasing something I can’t see
The devil you know, the devil you don’t

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