A Special Focus on waitress-wear and dancewear

(Note: This story appears in the May 2023 issue of ED Magazine)

What you’re serving at the nightclub is just as important as who’s serving it — and, if we’re honest, what those servers are wearing is a key part of that equation. After all, some of the hottest girls in the club are the servers! As for the dancers, even if the costume is coming off, it should shine as much as the dance. In this Special Focus, we spoke with dance-wear and ‘waitress-wear’ companies about their most popular styles for adult clubs.

Waitressville serves glamor for your waitresses and bartenders

Since 2005, Waitressville has offered uniforms and corsets designed specifically for servers. Our classic Dream Corset™, available only from Waitressville, is comfy, durable and loved by thousands of servers and customers alike! At this year’s ED EXPO, Waitressville will debut a new line of VIP outfits including gorgeous branded top and brief sets, sexy rompers and bodysuits. In typical fashion, Waitressville will bring the quality and the BLING! always highlighting fit and function. Waitressville’s looks can be seen in Caesars Palace, The Pony, The Men’s Club, Deja Vu, The Hustler Club, Bombshells Restaurants and hundreds more. Elevating the look for Gentlemen’s Club servers is Waitressville’s mission, and we take our tagline as seriously as the club owners and servers, “Look Good, Feel Good, Make Money”! Come check us out at the EXPO!

– Answers courtesy of Terra S. (Owner and Creative Director of Waitressville). For more information, call 214-570-4930, email Sabrina@waitressville.com or visit waitressville.com.

Minor Creations is a family affair

I started making costumes for my sister Julia, a professional ice skater. In 1980, Minor Creations thought to market G-Strings to performance dancers so that the panty lines wouldn’t show under their leotards. Julia, with a Las Vegas background, started adding rhinestones, sequins, lace and bows to jazz these g-strings up. Many lingerie stores started buying them to sell as intimate apparel and they really took off!

Today, Minor Creations has evolved into a major dancewear supplier with sexy styles that have the shine and flash entertainers can’t resist. We produce a wide range of garments that fits most budgets and the designs are largely informed by retailer feedback.

Minor Creations’ most popular separates line is called “Sinema Separates”. This expansive line holds 20 different thong styles in 18 colors and a few with 31 colors! No matter what area of the country and what the local laws are, we have a thong that will work. Minor Creations also likes to indulge in flash, as in our ”Bling Factory” line, which showcases plenty of shine and pizzaz. In addition to these regular lines, we carry seasonal and specialty lines. The Minor Creations promise: we keep everything in-stock and ship immediately. Everything is cut, produced and shipped from our factory and all our garments are made in the USA.

– Answers courtesy of Steve Carpenter, Owner of Minor Creations. For more information, Steve@minorcreations.com or visit MinorCreations.com.

Western Fashion: For Coachella or the club!

Western Fashion started in 1985 as a fashion accessories company. We had to change with the times and have been keeping up with the trends to be more involved in dancewear, festival wear and Halloween items.

We define our approach to dancewear as outfits for entertainers with embellishments and high-quality products.

– Answers courtesy of PJ Gupta, GM of Western Fashion. For more information, call (888)-627-9551, email Sales@WesternFashioninc.com or visit westernfashioninc.com.

Years of club experience fuels dancewear fashions from “House Mom Laurie” 

House Mom Laurie began helping ladies with their overall looks when I became a house mom after retiring as an entertainer myself. About 15 years ago, I saw a need for a one-stop shopping experience where dancers and other performers could get their shoes, dresses, lingerie and accessories, even makeup in one convenient location. By providing styling tips, fitting and attention to details (such as accessories, hair, etc.) the shop allows ladies to experience the benefits of having the “total package” in terms of appearance and professional image. It has always been the mission of House Mom Laurie to create unique looks for every entertainer in a variety of price points and have everything readily accessible for them.

The House Mom Laurie look has always been about glamour and fashion. We specialize in red carpet styles, old-fashioned Hollywood style elegance and creating looks for our clients that leave their audience wanting to see more. It’s not just about getting noticed. It’s about being remembered. We provide cocktail dresses, evening gowns, suits and costumes — many utilizing beads, sequins, feathers and other embellishments designed to capture attention and radiate the light from stage and camera.

– Answers courtesy of Laurie Calicutt, Owner and President of HouseMomLaurie. For more information, call (843)-251-5125, email housemomlauriesales@gmail.com or visit HouseMomLaurie.com.

Sweet! Check out dancwear and lingerie from Candyland

Candyland was established in Miami in 2013, and we started wholesaling a small capsule of beaded Mix-N-Match/Separate items because we felt that there was a gap in the market for trendy dancewear. A few years later, we added some fashion pieces to our collection, and fast-forward 10 years later, we are now a factory direct with two locations: Colombia and Los Angeles. 

We employ around 50 single moms who were recruited by a community outreach, with the help of a local church. This recruit program is very important to Candyland, so we’re sure to pay all of our factory employees above minimum wage and to offer the necessary training for the outreach employees to grow their careers with Candyland. 

Candyland is also a top supplier of beaded lingerie; our pieces are hand-beaded to perfection by local artisans, with high-quality AB crystal rhinestones. We also use high-compression Lycra which is UV and chlorine-tested. In 2022, we worked closely with a mill located in Colombia and developed our own four-way stretch twinkle fabric. As far as our vinyl, Candyland is the only dancewear business offering nine candy colors.

As of 2023, Candyland has launched about 20 new products annually, on top of carrying our core items year-round. We also do private label developments for some large chains of stores located in Canada and United States. Our products are not made-to-order; we hold inventory at our Miami warehouse so that we can ship all orders within a 24-hours processing time.

– Answers courtesy of Cheryl Paradis, Managing Partner of Candyland. For more information, call (650)-274-2641, email wholesale@iwantcandyland.com or visit iwantcandyland.com.

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