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Grand opening for the newest Penthouse Club licensee anticipated November 2018

On Thursday, September 27, 2018, the gentlemen’s club currently known as Scores Baltimore was approved for a liquor license transfer, which serves as the final step ahead of their official reinvention and name change to The Penthouse Club Baltimore.

The Penthouse Club booth at EXPO 2018 in Las Vegas

The 13,000-square-foot nightclub has undergone an extensive renovation as part of its transition. The Baltimore location will be the tenth Penthouse Club licensed or owned by Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC (PCGL), a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned, boutique, hospitality investment firm Kirkendoll Management, LLC. A grand opening is expected in mid-November 2018.

Co-owner Brian Shulman feels strongly that PCGL and The Penthouse Club will afford the club greater success than its former licensor. “The club has been successful, awarded Best Club in the East twice; however, we are confident the Penthouse brand is not only more nationally recognized, but internationally recognized.” He believes the internationally recognized brand will attract new customers to the venue and serve as a key element to gain more business travelers and tourists. “It doesn’t matter if you are 21 or 91,” Shulman continued, “You know Penthouse will have the most beautiful entertainers!”

(L-R) Eddie Suqi, Chuck Rolling and John Miller of Penthouse Clubs/Kirkendoll Management
(L-R) Eddie Suqi, Chuck Rolling and John Miller of Penthouse Clubs/Kirkendoll Management

About The Penthouse Club/Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC

A wholly owned affiliate of Kirkendoll Management, LLC, Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC’s (PCGL) goal is to create world-class establishments by providing club owners and operators with innovative new tools and services to enhance their customers’ experience. As Licensor, PCGL adds value beyond the brand name by offering access to their best in practice operations processes, proprietary technology and outstanding marketing services. The Penthouse Club has locations domestically in California, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and internationally in Australia, New Zealand and Russia. For more information on The Penthouse Club and/or PCGL, please visit

About Kirkendoll Management, LLC

Founded in 1987, Kirkendoll Management, LLC is a privately owned, boutique, hospitality-investment firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company owns and operates restaurants and nightclubs domestically in Florida, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania, and internationally in Aruba and Costa Rica. Kirkendoll Management, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC, is the exclusive licensor of The Penthouse Club and branded products worldwide. For more information on Kirkendoll Management, LLC, please

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