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August 20 and 21, Hard Rock Vegas

Nearly 100 companies exhibited their products and services aimed specifically at adult nightclub owners/operators at the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO Tradeshow. These are companies who have shown a specific commitment to the adult club industry by their presence at EXPO—some of these companies have exhibited at the EXPO for 15 years or more—and we at ED Publications encourage club owners/operators to support those companies who support the industry at large.

Of note at the EXPO 2018 Tradeshow was the “Mainstage,” which was produced by Nicky Biggs of Nicky Biggs Entertainment (NickyBiggs.com). Each hour at the Mainstage included multiple feature entertainer performances, each of whom utilized the LED-lit dance pole provided by PoleFX. Nicky Biggs also showcased his unique 3-D mapping products and effect throughout the two-day Tradeshow, as well as top-end club lighting and staging designs.

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Dave Manack
For 20 years, Dave Manack has been the Associate Publisher and Editor-In-Chief for ED Publications, the national business magazine (ED Magazine), convention (Gentlemen's Club EXPO) and websites for the multi-billion-dollar gentlemen's club (strip club) industry. Dave coordinates and produces several events at the Annual EXPO including the seminars and the ED Awards Show, and is also the founder and producer of the EDI (Exotic Dancer Invitational) national contest for the industry's top "showgirl" entertainers.