According to MARCA News, and multiple other new sources, Hollywood film director Quentin Tarantino (best known for Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Inglorious Bastards) has a foot fetish.

“As per, Uma Thurman once served him champagne from inside her black velvet Louis Vuitton shoes, whilst a lot of his moves often feature rather long foot shots which don’t necessarily fit in with the plot of the story,” reports MARCA.

But the craziest story of them all is one that supposedly took place off stage. A person who supposedly previously worked at Hollywood strip club, Crazy Girls, has claimed that they once watched Tarantino pay a dancer $10,000 to suck on her toes.

Former Crazy Girls employee, Lowlife, made his claims on the Get in the Car Podcast that Tarantino paid $10k to lick the dancer’s toes until they looked “like prunes.”

While we at ED don’t condone the lengths to which the staff member went to acquire the information, we do think it’s an interesting story. They claim that they were supposedly able to watch what Tarantino and the dancer got up to via CCTV in the club’s back room.

“He’s sitting down, she takes her top off and he gets up, throws her on the fu**ing seat, takes her boots off one by one and just starts licking the bottoms of her foot, sucking toes,” the alleged staffer says on the podcast.

“Her feet looked like…you know when you take a bubble bath? Like prunes.

“I think he gave her 10,000 dollars.”

Read the MARCA News story here.

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