Some of the women who perform at Rick’s Cabaret New York, the upscale gentlemen’s club known for its beautiful entertainers, warm hospitality, and celebrity clientele, shared their thoughts on the new book, “Howard Stern Comes Again.” 

“I loved it!” proclaims Rick’s Cabaret girl Athena. “There is so much in the book: lots of humor, lots of surprises, and even some unexpected profound insights. Howard Stern is always making history and this book will also.” 

Rick’s Cabaret girl Yasmina agrees, “There is nobody like Howard Stern. The book has a lot about Howard interviewing celebrities, but it is his comments about them that are fascinating. I loved the book.” 

Rick’s Cabaret New York spokesman Lonnie Hanover says, “So many of the girls got the book the day it came out and were reading it in the dressing room during their breaks. They love the Howard Stern Radio Show, and they love the new book, Howard Stern Comes Again.” 

“I really enjoyed the book,” says Rick’s Cabaret New York girl Katrina. “I am buying another copy to give to my Dad for Father’s Day.”    

The upscale Rick’s Cabaret gentlemen’s club is located just one block from Madison Square Garden. The three-story club features over 100 beautiful girls performing daily, and is proud to have earned a number of awards reflecting the finest in entertainment and hospitality.

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