Ariana Marie The Pub


Couple quick questions for ED’s 2018 Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year winner the beautiful Ariana Marie

ED: Thoughts on winning “Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year”?

Ariana: I am very grateful to have won Adult Movie Entertainer of the year.
There was a strong group of girls nominated for the award this year and I think all of them were deserving, so I do not take it lightly.
I put a lot of work into my shows to make sure the clubs and fans are happy. I would like to send some love out to all the feature and house dancers and thank all the clubs that voted for me, I am extremely motivated to bring in even larger crowds my next visit!

Ariana Marie The PubED: How did you get your intro to gentlemen’s clubs? Can you talk about what it was like at first performing in front of a camera for adult film versus performing in front of a crowd as a feature entertainer? Was one scarier than the other, did you treat them the same?

Ariana: Well I’ve actually never danced in my personal life before the adult industry. It is a little different, when your on camera you can cut but dancing your performing LIVE, so if you mess up, well everyone just saw it happen, lol.
My first scene was scary in so many ways, but now I might get butterflies here and there but they tend to fade away.
When I am dancing I have butterflies the whole time because I am focused on having fun but also want to leave a positive lasting impression on the club and fans.

ED: What’s the persona/effect you’re going for when you’re on stage?

Ariana: When I go on stage, I just like to have fun because it is contagious and hopefully makes everyones day a little better.
Overall if the crowd is happy and coming up to me after my shows and saying sweet things I know I achieved my goal.

Ariana Marie The PubED: What’s your most memorable exotic dancing performance?

Ariana: My most memorable experience would have to be the most recent one at Thee Dollhouse in Tampa, Fl. I had so much fun and everyone was so professional. The stage shows went well and the crowd was wild because it was the night of the Eagles vs the Buccaneers.
I came out decked in Bucs gear which I think the owner loved but we had some Eagles fans/ players in the audience so I had to lose that Bucs gear quick, it was so much fun and I think everyone had a great time.

ED: What is the best and worst pick up line that you have heard while working in a club?

Ariana: It wasn’t so much a pick up line but this guy brought me a painting of myself more like a gift then asked if he could have my outfits.
Which in my opinion when you gift someone something you don’t ask for something in return. Maybe a hug and a photo but not my outfits.
I gave him a bunch of free signed movies and 8x10s so hopefully he is still happy.
I do love cheesy pick up lines though but I don’t ever get enough of them so please if you come see me give me your very best worst pick up line ?

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