Panda Top 20 is brought to you by Ilan Fong & Danny Meyers

The Professional Adult Nightclub DJ Association, better known as PANDA, is a network of Strip Club DJs from around the US and beyond. Panda member DJs submit their top tracks that they’re playing to our Panda Chart Professor, Ilan Fong. Ilan then assembles the Panda Top 20 Chart.

To take the chart to the next level every month DJ of the Year 2016 Ilan Fong and DJ of the Year 2017 Danny Meyers produce a podcast titled “The Panda Top 20”. It’s about a half-hour show where they play short samples of each track so you can decide if that song will work for you in your market.

All markets and clubs are different. There will be tracks on the chart that might not work in your club. We’re not implying that every song on every chart should be played in every club. That’s for you, the professional DJ to decide. Use this chart as a tool, not a rule.

What’s HOT in the Strip Clubs? Presented by PANDA & Strip Joints. Our podcasts feature music, artist interviews, countdown shows, commentary, and inside info from the top adult entertainment insiders in the country.

Our podcasts include the PANDA Top 20 countdown which counts down the hottest tracks in the clubs every month and PANDA Off The Charts in which we bring you hot tracks that you may not know about that WE think will get your party bumpin’! Off The Charts also has artist interviews with some of the biggest names in music as well as up and coming artists! These artists bring us their latest singles and we dive a little deeper on them and their music.

Some of our guests have included Gavin Rossdale of BUSH, Josh Todd of BUCKCHERRY, Major Lazer, Destructo, Jax Jones, Lexy Panterra, Erica Banks, #BMWKenny, Kash Doll, Kevin Martin of CANDLEBOX, 10 Years, Steel Panther, David Ellefson, Shaman’s Harvest, Stitched Up Heart, Soil, Evan Seinfeld of BIOHAZARD, Diamante, Kaleido, and many more!

These are shows for MUSIC FANS of ALL GENRES! And peek behind the curtain to see what’s fantasy and what’s REAL!

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