As clubs across the country finally begin to open again, their “new normal” includes touchless payment solutions and signage that helps explain COVID-related club policies to guests.

To address these key areas of need for club operators, our ED Webcon for Wednesday, June 24 featured two companies — Rebel Payments and NPS Bank & Printing — who offer touchless payment options, signage and other products/services that can help clubs as they contend with their “new normal.”

Rebel payments is the payments division of Rebel Holdings. They have tens of thousands of clients spanning the glover with over 60 years of experience in the industry, including 40-plus years with “high risk” merchants. Their unique, direct relationship with the world’s largest processor of cards helps businesses save. They have the industry’s strongest merchant chargeback protection program. They offer two programs for club owners to choose from when it comes to processing. Along with other benefits such as marketing and funding through our other divisions (Rebel Branding and Rebel Funding).

“‘Touch free’ solutions we offer club owners are through our Clover devices,” says Tiffany Paradowski of Rebel Payments. “Each device has the ability to accept no contact payments and mobile payments with Apple/Android. All devices come standard with antimicrobial screens for added safety. The Clover Station and Clover Station Pro will be the most utilized devices for club owners due to efficiency and next-level security.

“These (devices) can be utilized like your register completely,” adds Paradowski. “You also have your mobile apps that can scan over each one of these. We have five devices total, but the Clover Station Pro and the Clover Station are going to be geared directly toward your market and industry because they function as a register and as a payment processor.”

All the devices come with antimicrobial screens, though Paradowski suggested cleaning regularly to be extra diligent.

Nationwide Payment Systems has been around since 2001 and services more than 1,000 merchants in the South Florida area and across the United States. Nationwide Payment Systems works with merchants of all sizes in a variety of industries. They work with front-end processors which enable them to work with just about any hardware, software and business type.

“As clubs are starting to open back up, people are challenged with having their POS system,” says Allen Kopelman of NPS Bank & Printing. “A lot of people aren’t going to buy a new POS, so we’re putting out these wireless terminals that are WiFi.”

He pointed out how it’s imperative clubs have proper marketing materials to notify patrons they have mobile payment opportunities available, like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

“I think pay at the table,” said Kopelman, “and touchless payments are here to stay.”

Rebel Payments
Tiffany Paradowski
Enterprise Account Executive
O: (407) 588-4181
F:  888-377-4071

NPS Bank & Printing: touchless payment options, signage and other products

“We have pre-printed social distancing floor decals for fast turnaround printed on heavy duty material that will last,” says Kopelman. “We offer full printing services for banners, outdoor signage, one-time-use menus, and more. We also offer payment solutions that are touch-free, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, that use wireless and touch-less machines.”

Allen Kopelman CEO CPC
Nationwide Payment Systems Inc
1500 W Cypress Creek Road, suite 503
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
(954) 478-7714 – direct or text

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