ED’s current “Urban Club of the Year” Award Winner may have had to shut it’s doors, but that doesn’t mean the party has stopped — it’s just moved into the digital realm.

Like all of the clubs in Atlanta, Magic City was forced to shutter due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. But now, fans of the iconic Atlanta urban venue can visit magiccitylive.com and pay $20 a month to register and have access to live and pre-recorded video, according to Daryl Mapp, the director of branding for Magic City, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Upon launch of the site, the server reportedly crashed due to the volume of registrations. According to Magic City’s social media, over 10,000 people signed up in one minute before the cam site went down. The site is apparently still under construction, but the club reportedly plans to have it back up and running before the end of the week.

The dancers will be on a “platform,” Mapp stated, and those who register will be able to tip and sometimes chat directly with the entertainers. An Instagram post advertises “interactive lap dances” and interactive sets .

The online entertainment allows the club’s dancers and staff to still make money while the club is closed, and it will also give fans of Magic City a chance to experience the type of entertainment the club is famous for — albeit behind their computer or smartphone screens.

“We don’t want to leave our people out, without any options,” Mapp said. For those who still want some food from Magic City, the club said on Instagram that the kitchen is staying open with adjusted hours, but not surprisingly there is no dining in.

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