In times like these, we’re all looking for some hope. And maybe even a good laugh. Well, thanks to Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland, we have a little bit of both.

Faced with a shutdown similar to the one faced by clubs around the country, Lucky Devil Lounge found a way to still serve food to their customers and utilize their entertainers in doing so. Enter: Boober Eats.

Shon Boulden
Shon Boulden

“I originally did it at first as a joke,” Lucky Devil owner Shon Boulden told the Willamette Week. “It got 150 shares on Facebook—like nothing we’ve ever had before. So I was like, ‘Well shit, why don’t we just try to do this?’”

And so they did! Lucky Devil will still be offering its full menu (outside of booze, of course) and will have two of the dancers deliver it to the doors of hungry customers. They’ll even get a bit of a show, Boulden suggested, saying the delivery women will “wear pasties and booty shorts, drop off the food, dance for a second and then move along” — all while keeping safe and sanitary with disinfectant spray. This allows the dancers and kitchen employees to keep working to cook and deliver the food, while club security staff will be serving as drivers.

Boulden took to Facebook to post an update about how well the Boober Eats has already been received: “Made the local news tonight. We had record kitchen sales in about 5 hours. Back at it again tomorrow. Wash your hands, keep that distance and monitor your temperatures!” Watch the TV segment right here!

For more info, including their delivery/entertainer schedule, visit

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