It’s a stripper world and she’s a stripper girl!

Her name is Lauren Lotus and she is your very own professional life-sized Barbie doll! Lauren grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL., and started performing at the age of six in the competitive cheer and dance industry. She was forced to stop training and competing as a competitive cheerleader due to repeated major knee injuries. Lauren explored many different styles of dance, and on this journey, fell in love with fire dancing and prop manipulation. Lauren has 10 years of fire performing experience. She incorporates fire hoops, fans, torches, and fire-eating/fleshing into her feature shows. Fire is one of her performance specialties. Shortly after exploring fire arts, she dove into pole fitness and the adult entertainment and modeling industry. Lauren danced house for about three years in the Midwest. She also has industry management experience, working as an Entertainer Coordinator at a club in the Midwest. Shortly after the pandemic, she moved to Florida to jump-start her feature entertainment career.

Top Credits or Accomplishments:

2024 Miss Exotic Dancer February,
2023 Newcomer Feature Entertainer of the Year Nominee,
2022 Playboy Playmate August,
2022 Muscle & Fitness July,
2022 Miss Exotic Dancer October,
2023 FHM Australia May,
MNW Fire Champion

What You Love About the Industry: 

This industry challenges me in multiple ways to be the best human and performer I can be, on and off the stage. This industry has taught me business skills, accounting, self-worth, self-empowerment, time management, interpersonal skills, self-discipline, self-esteem and confidence.

10 Questions for Miss

ED: What does it mean to be named Miss of the Month for the second time?
Lotus: It truly means a lot to me. I am HONORED to be recognized for the second time!

ED: Your favorite thing about the industry? 
Lotus: Performing, of course! The stage is my home. I love being able to create an entire themed production. My art is a form of self-expression, and I play Barbie very well :).

ED: What annoys you most about the industry?
Lotus: The fact that this industry is stigmatized. Dancers are discriminated against for various reasons. In my experience, some people outside the industry believe exotic dancers to be uneducated, and so mistreat them, as objects. In reality, it is the exact opposite. Exotic dancers are some of the most motivated and self-disciplined individuals across any industry.

ED: If you could be a dancer for any movie star, who would you dance for?
Lotus: Marilyn Monroe

ED: Favorite stripper movie? Favorite movie in general?
Lotus: Hustlers, starring the legendary Jennifer Lopez. In general…everyone should know this…BARBIE THE MOVIE! (I also LOVE Disney and Harry Potter.)

ED: How would you compare your entertainer self to yourself off-stage?
Lotus: In comparison on and off stage, I am a very bubbly and interpersonal individual/performer, but I am also a very highly energetic individual, which is reflected in my feature performances.

ED: What is the funniest thing that has happened while you were on stage?
Lotus: So, the one time I spun off the pole and sent myself into an immediate somersault through the air to cover up the fall and the audience thought it was a part of the show.

ED: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a feature in your career?
Lotus: My knee injuries have forced me to face many challenges in my feature career. As most of you know, I was not able to perform for EDI in 2023 due to an emergency ACL reconstruction surgery: my 9th knee surgery, 4th ACL tear. Last year was one of the most challenging recoveries; it took me nine months to recover physically and mentally. I have a lot of disadvantages due to my injuries, however, I will never let them destroy my dream. I run on positivity and passion. In some cases, hard work, training in the studio/gym, and staying consistent is more recognized and appreciated over natural talent.

ED: What is your favorite food?
Lotus: I love carbs! I don’t eat them often, but pasta all the way!
Oh, and Peanut butter! 🙂

ED: Submissive or dominant?
Lotus: Depends on my partner’s confidence. I’m a switch.

ED: Your measurements:
Lotus: 9 feet… I can squirt 9ft 🙂

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