dan lier keynote 2017Club owners are from Mars — Staffers are from Venus
(New time) Noon – 1 pm, Tuesday, Aug. 29

Many a club owner has lamented the newest generation of club employees and entertainers. They don’t know how to hire them, or talk to them, or reach them, or train them, or motivate them. They simply don’t “understand” them. But when your club relies on these 20-something employees and entertainers —and customers — in order to have a successful business, throwing up your hands in despair isn’t exactly a winning strategy.

But at EXPO 2017, that “winning strategy” for connecting with the millennial and centennial generations will be provided by Las Vegas’ number-one motivational speaker, Dan Lier.

Dan Lier is a best-selling author and internationally recognized motivational speaker with the experience of presenting over 3,500 customized talks to companies around the globe. With two decades of experience presenting motivational keynotes, Lier is the most requested speaker in Las Vegas. Over past two years alone, Dan has spoken in over 30 countries sharing his proven strategies to “Maximize Your True Potential.”

Lier has been a regular on HSN as “America’s Coach” where he shares his “Strategies for Success” with millions. His work has been covered by “The Today Show” and “Inside Edition,” and he’s been a guest on the Howard Stern Show. Previously a top performer for Tony Robbins, Lier’s high-impact message and charismatic delivery style promises to provide the advice that club operators need to “reach” this millennial/centennial generation and connect with them in a way that will have all generations speaking the same language.

For more information on Dan Lier, visit DanLier.com or see these videos of Dan’s presentations:




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