2017 crisis 2Crisis Control —Remedies NOW for future events

At EXPO 2017, industry pros will reveal real-life club crisis stories. What did the club do right—or wrong—and what should you do if it happens to you?
Find out at EXPO!

Nothing beats on-the-job training and learn-by-example work experience. But some situations need to be addressed and contingency plans implemented before a crisis occurs. The mantra of the TV show Big Brother is “Expect the unexpected,” and it’s an excellent idea for club operators to also train their staff to be prepared for the unexpected.
Our panel of seasoned club operators and industry pros—including attorney Luke Lirot, Nightclub & Security Consultants’ Robert Smith and Rick’s Cabaret Entertainment Director DJ Platypus—will share interesting and frightening stories of unexpected crises they have dealt with and the remedies they came up with in those situations. These trial-by-fire experiences could save you in the future.

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