As the Annual ED EXPO is set to head to Dallas for the first time ever in August 2024, we want to get to know some of the faces — and voices — that call that market their home.
Jimmy Jam is the voice of Bucks Wild Dallas, a club that has hosted the EDI West three times. He’s also a veteran of the Dallas/Ft. Worth market, and was previously awarded with PANDA’s “DJ of the Year” Award (and has also been an ED Award nominee for DJ of the Year).
We had the chance to catch up with Jimmy to find out what music connects best with the diverse market he sees in Dallas, and he also picked a list of his favorite tracks that can be seen on his personalized Spotify playlist, courtesy of Bob Chiappardi and
ED: When did you begin your career as an adult nightclub DJ, and what brought you into the industry in the first place?
PARKER: I started DJ-ing in the wedding industry in 1991. Around ’98-’99, I had a friend in the adult industry reach out to me and ask if I would be interested in jumping in the booth for a gig. I couldn’t say no, and the rest is history.
ED: What did it mean to you to win Panda’s DJ of the Year Award (in 2022)?
PARKER: Winning that award was huge to me. Being recognized and acknowledged by my peers for the hard work and dedication it takes to last in this business was something I’ll always cherish. Being a part of the PANDA organization has been phenomenal.
ED: Which Bucks clubs do you work at as DJ? Is it just one, or do you work at more than one in Dallas? How would you describe your approach to the music you play at the club(s) where you work?
PARKER: I currently work at Bucks Wild Dallas. As far as music selection goes, our club has a very diverse crowd. So, with that being said, I can play several different genres and have no trouble pleasing both the crowd and the entertainers.
ED: What’s it like to work for such successful club owners/operators as Curtis Wise and Rich Richardson? How would you describe their approach to club ownership and operation?
PARKER: I’ve worked for several clubs over the years, and I have to admit that working for Curtis and Rich has been one of the best experiences of my career. I’ve known Rich for over 25 years, and he’s been in the business for a long time. He has the formula of what it takes to operate a successful club. The proof is in the pudding.
ED: Dallas is a unique club market as it has a diverse clientele. How does the clientele impact the music that you play? How difficult is it to please everyone, including customers and entertainers?
PARKER: As I said before, Bucks Wild has a very diverse clientele base. So it’s fairly easy to please everyone including the entertainers by playing a good variety of music of several different genres. Of course, I feel out the crowd and make adjustments accordingly.
ED: The EXPO is coming to Dallas in 2024! What would you tell people in the industry who’ve never been to Dallas what they should look forward to when they come to your city?
PARKER: Dallas is a large city and has lots of things to do and see. It’s known for its sporting events and venues. Tours of the arenas and stadiums are a must, not to mention some really good restaurants. History buffs definitely need to check out the JFK memorial. All in all, there is plenty to see and lots to do, and of course, don’t forget about Bucks Wild Dallas.
ED: Bucks has hosted the EDI West for several years now, and they are hosting again in 2024 (in Houston). What’s it been like as the host club for the EDI, and how have you enjoyed those feature performances?
PARKER: I’ve had the pleasure of DJ-ing three of those EDI events. It was a good change of pace to do music and lights to actual set performances for some very talented entertainers in a theatrical setting. The entertainers were easy to work with, and it was a memorable experience. I really enjoyed being a part of it, as well as felt honored.
ED: What are some of your favorite artists to play in the club; the ones that really get the crowd going? Also, when you’re not in the club, what music do you listen to?
PARKER: It’s really hard to pick my favorite artist because there are so many, not to mention genres as well. Megan Thee Stallion, Drake, Jack Harlow, a lot of EDM remixes along with ’90s and early 2000s rock is always good. When I’m off work and out of the club, I enjoy listening to ’90s country, old-school hip-hop and R&B.
ED: If you could see any band/musician in concert, whether they’re alive or deceased, who would it be and why?
PARKER: I’d have to say Michael Jackson and/or Prince, two of the most talented musicians/entertainers in the world. They are icons in the music industry and there will never be anyone like them, ever! Of course, let’s not forget about Elvis, just because he is the King.
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