As the NBA season attempts to resume amidst their “bubble” in Orlando, one player was allowed outside of the bubble to attend a funeral. When Lou Williams’ grandfather died, the Clippers player headed home to the Atlanta area to be with his family for a short visit.

However, Williams ventured outside of the funeral proceedings — which was against NBA protocols — and when league officials found out where he went, it raised even more eyebrows. Apparently, Williams simply couldn’t resist the pull of the legendary Atlanta strip club Magic City, because that’s exactly where he was spotted on Thursday, July 23rd.

Well, “spotted” is not quite right. Rapper Jack Harlow posted a picture of himself and Williams on his Instagram page, noting where the pair were hanging out. Though he tried to delete his posts, it was too late — enough people saw the post to alert the team and the NBA, and Williams was busted.

Though he readily admitted to being at Magic City, he was quick to point out that the only reason he was there was for the food. Per ESPN, Williams told NBA investigators that he attended a viewing for his grandfather that ended at 6 p.m. on Thursday, at which point he headed to Magic City for dinner. Apparently, Williams has regularly discussed his love for the food at Magic City, a love that the club is clearly aware of — in fact, their “Louwill Lemon Pepper BBQ” wings are named after him.

“Magic City is my favorite restaurant in the world,” Williams said to ESPN. “All entertainment is shut down in Atlanta. The restaurant is still open. You can still go to Magic and get your food … it’s part of our culture here.”

Well, the NBA and the LA Clippers certainly hope the wings he got for dinner were worth the trouble it’s caused him and the team. Williams, a key player for the Clippers, will now be quarantined for 10 days as the NBA is set to resume games this Friday, July 30th.

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