For Your Eyes Only - FYEO London
For Your Eyes Only - FYEO London


We all know that male revues can tend to get a bit rowdy, and apparently they amp things up a few notches in the UK. During a recent male revue show at For Your Eyes Only, a famous strip club in London, a male dancer was doing executing a pole routine when the 20-foot dance pole became dislodged and fell directly on a 75-year-old grandmother (whose name was not revealed). Poor grandma!

“For a pole like that to be knocked down by somebody when they use it on a regular basis, they should be checking them to make sure it isn’t going to fall off,” said the woman’s granddaughter, Gemma Louise, noting that her grandmother was knocked out cold when the pole fell on her.

Grandma, not surprisingly, wasn’t the only one injured. The male dancer who fell off the pole, Lewis Riches of the Dreamboys stripper troupe, suffered a head injury and broke his leg in two places.

“I don’t think the staff truly took on the extent of the damage,” Louise stated to “Eventually, people started moving the chairs to clear the room as we were told to go behind the bar area but it was so dangerous as there were drinks and glasses all over the floor. None of the staff seemed to know what to do or how to handle the situation. It was pretty traumatic to see both the old lady and dancer in such a way.”


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