For years, club owners and operators have suggested that they wanted the opportunity to have a conversation with a well-known, successful club owner/operator. Not a panel session, but an informal setting, where they’d be able to sit with the industry pro of their choice and ask questions, seek advice and simply listen to them share some of their experiences and wisdom gained over their many years in the industry.

You asked, and EXPO 2020 will deliver! We are introducing our first-ever “Secrets of My Success” EXPO Roundtables, which will feature several of the industry’s most well-known and successful club owners/operators, who will each have their own roundtable in the main panel room at EXPO. Similar to the legal roundtables we had years ago, attendees will be able to sit down with the industry pro of their choice in a relaxed setting to talk about their specific areas of concern.

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As of press time, the owners/operators set to have their own “Secrets of My Success” Roundtables are (in alphabetical order): Joey Bien (Treasure Clubs), Dennis DeGori (E11EVEN Miami), Eric Langan (Rick’s Cabaret), Jason Mohney (Deja Vu), Michael J. Peter (industry Hall-of-Famer), Chuck Rolling (The Penthouse Club), Jim St. John (Spearmint Rhino), Jerry Westlund (The Pony Clubs) and Curtis Wise (Bucks Cabaret).

More club executives will have their own roundtables at EXPO. For updates on EXPO 2020, or take advantage of EXPO’s early registration rate, visit or call (727) 726-3592.

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For over 25 years, ED Publisher Dave Manack has been the Editor-In-Chief for ED Publications, the national business magazine (ED Magazine), convention (Gentlemen's Club EXPO) and websites for the multi-billion-dollar gentlemen's club (strip club) industry. Dave coordinates and produces several events at the Annual EXPO including the seminars and the ED's Awards Show, and is also the founder and producer of the EDI (Exotic Dancer Invitational) national contest for the industry's top "showgirl" entertainers.