While ED Publications produces the only national business-to-business magazine for the adult nightclub (strip club) industry, there are several “regional’ magazines around the country who cover the strip club businesses from a more “local” angle, with a concentration on the clubs and special events in that coverage area. Without question, the regional magazine with the widest reach is Xtreme Magazine, which covers eight states and such major cities as New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

For the past several years, the main man behind the production of these magazines is Matt McTeague, a Connecticut resident who has aspirations that reach far beyond that tiny New England state. Case in point is Matt’s Xtreme 411 app, the leading app for adult club listings in the U.S. Courtesy of StripJointsMusic.com, we had the chance to get to know a bit more about Matt McTeague, Xtreme 411, and the unique challenges of running a regional adult magazine (and don’t miss Matt’s customized Spotify playlist!).

THE ED PUB: How long have you worked for Xtreme Magazine? What brought you into the adult nightclub industry?

McTEAGUE: I have been working for Xtreme Magazine now for 13 years. Opportunity really, there was an opening for an entry level sales person selling ads at the company so I was hired and worked my way up from there.

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THE ED PUB: What are the major cities that Xtreme covers, as well as the states in general?

McTEAGUE: As for the Major cities we cover they are, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Providence. The States we cover with the magazine are as follows MA, RI, NY, CT, NJ, PA, DE, & MD.

THE ED PUB: In your opinion, which of these cities/areas is the most “competitive” in terms of having a lot of really good clubs located near each other?

McTEAGUE: I would have to say Philadelphia; they have some of the largest clubs in the northeast and a lot of them are really close to each other. There is one street with about five all on that same main road.

THE ED PUB: What are the greatest challenges to publishing multiple editions of Xtreme for multiple markets?

McTEAGUE: The biggest challenge is being able to meet deadlines there is a lot of area to cover and clubs to work with. It can be a challenge getting all their stuff together in a timely manner especially during the holidays.

THE ED PUB: When did you start the Xtreme411 app, and how has it progressed since you started it? Why should club owners get in touch with you about Xtreme411?


McTEAGUE: We started the Xtreme 411 app about three years ago where it started as a way to find the closest gentlemen’s clubs to you on your phone and give you step by step directions to the clubs. Plus it will let you know what is going on at the club that evening or day.

We have progressed a lot since we launched we now have full analytics on it and can tell a club exactly how many people went to the club using our app. We also can send out flyers directly to customers phones with in a 50-mile radius of the club. One of the best things we can now do is distribute deals such as free pass to the club directly to the users phones that can be only used once a month or once a week. Every club should get in touch with us to get in the pockets of the already 80,000 plus downloads that we have of gentlemen’s clubs customers.

THE ED PUB: Since this article is being done in conjunction with StripJointsMusic, what are your favorite bands or styles of music? If you could see any band or musician live, who would it be?

McTEAGUE: I am a classic hip hop fan so some of my favorite groups would be Wu-tang Clan, Mobb Deep & Outcast. I have seen a lot of them live, but have yet to see the whole Wu-Tang live — that would be the one I would want to see!

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More about Matt McTeague:

Where do you hail from: Newington, CT
Current Position: COO of Xtreme & Xtreme 411
Years employed at Xtreme: 13
Favorite recording artist: Tupac
Industry hero: Kevin Burch
Favorite feature entertainers: Gia Nova & Rubberdoll
Favorite part of your work day: Seeing what new stuff my creative department comes up with
Pet working peeve: Dealing with lazy staff members lol
Advice for industry pros: Keep working hard, one day it will pay off. This isn’t an easy industry but can be very lucrative in the long run.

Check out Matt McTeague’s customized Spotify playlist right here, courtesy of Bob Chiappardi with Concrete Marketing and StripJointsMusic.com!


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