Get to know … Ben Biernacki, GM of Club Play in South Florida

When you’re in what is arguably the most competitive adult club market in the U.S., there are plenty of unique challenges that a general manager will face on a daily basis—not the least of which is converting the club’s format. That’s exactly the task that faced Ben Biernacki, GM of Club Play, which was formerly the “rock” club known as Vixens. We had a chance to speak with Bob, courtesy of and Concrete Marketing, to find out more about this club conversion and Biernacki’s perspectives as a veteran club manager.

ED PUB: You’ve made a big transition in club themes, from Vixens to Club Play. What is involved in such a transition, from a management standpoint?

BIERNACKI: Orchestrating the rebranding and setting the standard of the new identity are the goals. This starts from in house with staff, decor & format. The brand must be followed through to every media outlet for marketing so we are consistent with our look, feel and image. It’s a lot of work and exciting to launch.

EDPUB: What makes South Florida such a unique market for adult nightclubs, especially as it relates to the entertainers and the customers? There are a lot of clubs there, but there are also a lot of tourists and “snow birds” as well.

BIERNACKI: South Florida is very unique market, and yes it is seasonal. There are ebbs and flows with the entertainers and customers, but the cycle is pretty consistent. Knowing timing for events and holidays make operations much easier.

ED PUB: What are the biggest challenges to having a successful club in South Florida, which may be the most competitive club market in the U.S.

BIERNACKI: There are lots of competitors in South Florida for adult and nightclubs. I believe in sticking to basics: Exceptional hospitality and a great product. I have built a great team, and as far as product, we have an amazing, high-energy venue filled with some of the sexiest girls in the industry. Wanna talk about an easy sell, even female customers come back to party!

ED PUB: For you personally, do prefer the “rock” format/music, or are you looking forward to the club’s new music format? How would you describe what that new format will be, and how do you think it will impact your customer base?

BIERNACKI: I love rock music but don’t necessarily prefer rock all the time. Music does set the mood and we create a party going ‘ti 6 am every night. An all rock format is very hard to keep the energy levels up. We have been playing “open format” which includes EDM since Nov 2016, we are just moving more toward high-energy nightclub feel. Our customers love it because we still trickle some rock in there during our feature dance specials. This is a much better format because you get a break from EDM, jam out to some great rock anthems, and then the party continues!

Biernacki (left) with Concrete Marketing’s Bob Chiappardi

ED PUB: What are your favorite bands or styles of music to listen to in your private time? If you could see any concert by any band, past or present, who would it be and why?

BIERNACKI: I listen to all kinds of music. Some of my favorite bands/artists include Sublime, Rage against the Machine, Foo Fighters, Deftones, Chevelle, Biggie, Tribe Called Quest, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Beastie Boys, and Linkin Park.

I would have loved to see Jimmy Hendrix or the early Beatles in concert… Names that influenced every generation after. I personally really regret not going to see Nirvana. I missed their concert and still have the un-used ticket. They were the band that shaped my taste in the ’90s.

More about Bob Biernacki:

Where do you hail from: Durham, NC
Current Club: Club Play in Davie, FL
Years employed at the club: 11 years with the company, built this club three years ago
Years in the industry: 13 in adult clubs, 25 years in bars and nightclubs
Favorite recording artist: Tough one – I have favorites in a lot of different genres
Industry hero: Eric Langan; he’s self-made and leads a publicly traded company to operate some of the strongest brands in the business.
Favorite DJ: Afrojack
Favorite part of your work night: All of it. I love my job… way better than digging ditches!
Pet working peeve: Girls on cell phones
Advice for new strip club managers: Focus on the basics of hospitality. It’s an easy sell—beer and boobs!




Check out Ben Biernacki’s customized Spotify playlist, courtesy of Bob Chiappardi and and Concrete Marketing!

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