The South breeds a new hip-hop face (and voice) fit for the heavenly bodies.

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Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Venus Swann—stage name Venus—was enveloped in music from an early age. So early, in fact, she was a constant presence in her family’s church choir by the age of five. Her talent didn’t go unnoticed as she landed on Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater in the seventh grade. As chance would have it, luck rained down from the heavens and a meeting with a producer landed her in music hotbed Atlanta and an audience with Lil Jon.

Her innate ability to both sing and rap has seen her grace the stage with the likes of 50 Cent, Master P, Lloyd, T.I., and Rick Ross, among others. The EDPub, courtesy of, spoke with this vocal goddess to find out how she plans to take the hip-hop throne as she promotes her latest track “Throw It Back” (produced by Southern bass producer DJ Trans) available for free to club DJs through StripJointsMusic.

THE EDPUB:  You’re from Birmingham, Alabama which isn’t exactly known for its hip-hop or rap community, so how difficult was it to be “discovered” from there?

Venus: It wasn’t difficult, I just had to leave my hometown and hit the road.

THE EDPUB: Is there some part of your style that comes from your upbringing in Alabama and something that maybe sets you apart from rap/hip-hop artists from other parts of the country?

Venus: It’s a Southern twang, a different swag kind of voice.

THE EDPUB: You’ve been described as having a few different styles—how would you define Venus the artist?

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Venus: I’m not one-dimensional. I have different styles. I would say it’s a new Southern swag that no one’s heard of, rap and singing.

THE EDPUB: When you say different styles, do you mean in how you flow?

Venus: The way I say my words, differently from other people.

THE EDPUB: Your song, “Throw It Back”, we promote it to strip club DJs across the country. Can you tell us about the song and the lyrics and why it would be a great song to get played at strip clubs across the U.S.?

Venus: It’s an awesome song. It’s an upbeat tempo, it’s for the ladies. It basically gives instructions and also a real guide so I think (the entertainers) are going to make a lot of money!

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