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One percent of your customers cause up to 95% of your customer-related problems. So what can you do about it?’s Zubin Teherani offers five tips to help identify and keep track of those customers who are best kept out of your venue.

More often than not, 1% of your customers account for up to 95% of the incidents that occur in your adult nightclub. This can put both your other patrons’ experience and the overall safety of your venue in jeopardy. When people go out for the night, they want to know that they will have a fun—and safe—time. It is important to find a way to provide this experience to your customers and to keep troublemakers off of your premises. So what’s the best way to keep these troublemakers out? Here are five tips to help identify and keep track of the people you don’t want in your club.

IDscan The Pub1.)  Ensure every ID used to get into your club is valid.

Checking an ID to ensure that it is real and not expired is extremely important to protect yourself from liability and to ensure your premises are safe. We recommend using an ID scanner (check out our mobile app VeriScan or VeriScan Online, for example) or hiring a professional to train your employees on how to spot a fake ID. ID formats are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up to date.

2.) Reward the good, punish the bad.

Loyalty cards and other incentives can be very persuasive in determining a patron’s behavior. By creating a strong loyalty program in which you reward the good and punish the bad can greatly persuade customers to be on their best behavior. To ensure this is successful, it is important to advertise your loyalty program to customers and to make them aware of your VIP and banned lists.

3.) If you kick them out, make sure they stay out.

There’s no such thing as a one-time offender. Many of the club-goers who get kicked out tend to come back and cause more trouble. If you ban them from your establishment, make sure you keep them out and do not allow them to sneak in when a different bouncer is on duty. Most modern ID scanners have the capability to record incident details that will keep all of your security personnel up to date on who has been banned from your club in the past.

4.) Talk with your fellow club owners.

Many troublemakers will get kicked out of one club and simply move onto the next one. If you talk with your fellow club owners or share a list of banned patrons with each other, you can better protect your club and make the night more enjoyable for your customers.

5.) Let them know you’re watching.

It is important to make customers aware that you know who they are. Placing cameras where customers can see them will let them know you’re being vigilant when it comes to keeping your club safe.

Zubin Teherani is the Business Development Manager at provides ID scanning solutions that read driver’s licenses, military IDs and other state IDs for access control, automatic data capture and age verification. Some of their clients include the Sapphire Club in Las Vegas, Caesar’s Entertainment, Molson Coors, Hooters and Borgata Casinos. For more information, call (888) 430-8936.

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