Hot euro strippers the USA has never heard of

Yeva Shiyanova -aka- The Dust Dance Girl.

Yeva Shiyanova first captivated the stages of Ukraines Got Talent (other vid here) and a few other talents shows. Her dust dance even inspried some feature entertainers here in the States to create their own dust dance routine. Yeva’s dust dance was so popular that a full length music video to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons was produced.

Anastasia Sokolova – Ukraine

Another talented dancer hailing from the Ukraine. Anastasia Sokolova became a sort of viral sensation after coming in 2nd on Ukraines Got Talent in 2014.

Anastasia Sokolova – Ukraine

Anastasia Sokolova has several good shows and also trains other entertainers at her studio. Her performance at the finals of Ukraines Got Talent was so spectacular it had to be inlcuded on this list. Thus, she has been added twice to the lineup.

Russian Girls Music Video

One of the best examples of hot Russian girls can be seen in the Russian Girls Music video by DJ SASHA DITH. Dusty, Dirty, Wet, On Fire and in charge….all in one beautiful video.

The Russian Twerk Team

Three words I would never expect in the same sentence, “Russian Twerk Team”, but yeah here it is. Russian seems to be home to the most talented twerk choregoraphy in the world. These Russian cuties shake it, bake it, booty quake it and have an entire series of videos on the Youtube. Choreography by Polina Dubkova – hailing from Novosibirsk Russia #SymBionicTitan.

Antonina Goloseev – Romania

Antonina Goloseev has been seen in a few vids auditioning on Romainia’s Got Talent. It seems that the overseas talent shows are way better than our Idol and Dancing Stars series. Enoy this excellent floor routine.

More Russian Twerk Girls – Siberia

Apparently there is no shortage of smoking hot females in Russia who can twerk. Enjoy this video from Fraules straight from Siberia to your screen, Comrade.

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