The Very Flexible Farley!

In her own words, Farley has been a “gymnastics drop-out, a theater nerd, a middle school teacher, a Planned Parenthood community organizer, and a multi-million-dollar fundraiser for political candidates — all before I turned 30 and all before I became a house dancer in Daytona Beach.” Today, she is a feature performer, real estate investor, and is the proprietor of which she founded in 2015, manufacturing floating pole dance flooring. “I think I always knew that I was destined for headlining onstage, because any time I’ve ever had to perform, speak in public or work an audience, I truly feel like I’m the most amazing version of myself.” Despite being a limelight lover, Farley also enjoys to binge-watch addictive TV shows, getting dirty in her garden, playing on the beach, and of course providing butler services to her gorgeous yet demanding tabby cat, ‘Big Kitty’.  “My life is charmed and I feel truly blessed!”

What Farley loves about our industry is the people that make it so special. “I love pumping up an audience, giving them something to cheer at and throw money for.  I love meeting and training with other performers (shout out to my crew!).  I love getting to know club managers, house entertainers, and staff.  Every venue is like its own universe and every performer is like their own planet!  It’s insanely fun, getting to know different personalities and seeing what makes everybody tick.”

Top Credits or Accomplishments: 

Miss Erotic World 2022,
2023 Elite Pole Champion @Big Al’s Rock-n-Shock Feature Tournament,
Two-time Miss Nude World Newcomer Pole Champion

10 Questions for Miss ExoticDancer

ED: What does it mean to be named Miss of the Month?

Farley: This is a HUGE honor for me!  As a young person, I believed that I would never be pretty enough to have my photos in a magazine, much less on the cover of one.  I’ve spent the past two years getting up to speed as a full-time feature entertainer, and this feels like some of that paying off!  (Photoshoots, training, creating shows, chasing gigs, etc.) Now my 2023 schedule is nearly full and I’m booking out into 2024.

ED: How did you get in the industry?
Farley:  I started by moonlighting on weekends at Grandview Live.  I was still working full-time for a real estate developer when I founded, and I was building our pole dance floors in-house (AKA, a rented garage with no lights or bathroom).  I needed startup cash, so I put my pole & people skills to work!  When I needed to buy materials, I would head off to the club with a specific money goal in mind.  It was an hour drive each way, so as soon as I had that amount in my hands, I’d punch out and drive home so that I could sleep a few hours before waking up to go to Home Depot or Lumber Liquidators and work on the prototype.

ED: Why should clubs book the long-legged Farley?

Farley: Headliners should BRING the party — not just show up and expect the party to cater to them!  As a feature, I’m getting the crowd excited and involved before my feet even touch the stage.  They’re not just there to watch my show, they’re a key part of it.  It’s going to be one of those experiences that they talk about for years to come—and if you’ve been to interactive, engaging shows then you know exactly what I mean!

ED: What else would you be doing if not this?
Farley: I actually consider that question a lot.  And you know what?  The list of professions where you have this level of artistic freedom is quite short!  So, probably a writer, a comedian or a motivational speaker.

ED: Favorite food and why?
Farley: Bean burrito.  Hot, delicious, satisfying, travels well…just like me!

ED: What’s your most “unique” fantasy?
Farley:  Myself at age 85, still featuring and making s***loads of cash.  By then they might be calling my pu$$y The Grand Canyon.

ED: Your favorite body part of yourself?
Farley: I get the most compliments on my lashes, legs, abs and booty.  But for me, my back is my favorite.  I have severe scoliosis fit for a spinal fusion surgery (55-degree and 37-degree curves for those of y’all who know what that means!) but thanks to discipline, hard work, and self care, I’m rising above all predictions with no signs of stopping!

ED: What gets your motor purring?
Farley: You’ll definitely get a spicier answer if you ask my wife or one of my boyfriends, but as long as I’m answering…. Humor, social skills, a good vocabulary, eye contact, and a genuine SMILE!

ED: What is your favorite saying?
Farley: “If you want the rainbow, you’ve gotta put up with a little rain.” -Dolly Parton

ED: Best and worst pick-up line:
Farley:  Worst one (ladies can I get an amen):  “Hey”
And, Best one (purely for its pun energy):  “That dress is very becoming on you.  Then again, if I were on you…I’d be coming, too.”

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