Tomorrow’s Hits Today! Introducing Edsel Dope, founding member, lead singer, and songwriter of Industrial/Rock Band DOPE! Edsel walks PANDA through the beginnings of the band in 1997 in New York City and his long-time friendship/relationship with PANDA’s very own Bob Chiappardi!

Danny & Edsel dive into the surprising reach and influence of the 2001 DOPE track “Die MF Die”.

Ilan & Edsel talk about their long and respected career as a live band and how DOPE was the last band to play at The Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio before the horrific murder of Dimebag Darrell. AND how DOPE was the FIRST band to play at The Alrosa Villa after Dimebag’s murder after an emotional call from Rick Cautela, the owner of the Alrosa Villa, who was on the verge of losing the business when no band would play the venue! Edsel & DOPE played a sold out show and opened the gates for other bands to resume playing there! THANK YOU Edsel!

PANDA also gets the inside scoop on DOPE’s cover of the 80s classic “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” by Dead Or Alive! Find out how Bob sweet-talked Edsel into recording the song for the Christian Bale movie classic American Psycho! That silver-tongued devil! Lol How did audiences likes the SLAYER fans react to this crazy track??? Bob reveals how the story behind the track lead to a positive amorous connection for Bob! What a WINGMAN!!! Hahaha

Edsel brings PANDA their latest track, a cover of the CURE classic “Lovesong”! What a GREAT cover!!!! Will younger audiences think it’s an original song??? They discuss the downside to having words like “Dope” & “Strip Clubs” in their names and how social media algorithms and societal judgment can inhibit their reach and ability to grow! Be SURE to get your tickets for their tour with STATIC X, SEVENDUST, and DOPE coming to a city near you!!!!

And of course, PANDA brings you 9 new tracks that you should know about and that will be heating up your parties in the future!


Bops Goin Brazy – Tyga (Danny Meyers Strip Club mix)

Summer Too Hot (Smassh Acap Hype Intro) – Chris Brown

You – Ari Abdul (Danny Meyers Strip Club Mix)

Edsel Dope Interview plus new song “Lovesong”

Big Jet Plane – TWEAK

Beggin (CK Intro) – Chris Lake & Aluna

Point Me 2 – FendiDa Rapper ft Cardi B

CS – Lil Uzi Vert

Where You Want – Riton, David Guetta & Jozzy

One Margarita (Margarita Song) – That Chick Angel, Casa Di, Steve Terrell

Listen to these tracks and more on PANDA here!

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