Mini Title Winners
Raychel Revolver (L) and Michelle Lynn
Raychel Revolver (L) and Michelle Lynn

EDI East held at Jerry Westlund’s Pony Clubs in Huntsville, May 24-26

Jerry Westlund and his amazing staff welcomed the EDI East back to “Sweet Home Alabama,” as the industry’s number-one showgirl competition was held at three Westlund-owned clubs — Pony Too, Rocket City Showgirls and Pony Bama — May 24-26 in Huntsville, Alabama. After three exciting days of competition, two winners emerged: Michelle Lynn grabbed the Showgirl Division crown, while Raychel Revolver earned top honors in the Starlet Division.

“For me, winning the EDI East Showgirl Division means breaking the barriers of my own doubts of what may or may not work, all while taking risks on a completely new vision as a performer and bringing it to life,” says Michelle Lynn. “It gives me a sense of artistic validation that through the tears and triumphs of creating a show, that hard work and perseverance really does pay off. I take pride in being a part of a group of women who have won, and paved the way before me. It creates a fire in me to go further, to keep going, and to motivate myself and others that it is possible with a little elbow grease and the right mindset.”

“It was truly a celebration of all the very best things in our industry: top-level feature performances, beautiful women, and a three-night party,” says Westlund. “My staff and customers were excited to be a part of it and look forward to our continued involvement with the EDI contest. I’ve always supported feature entertainment and will continue to!’

As was the case in 2022, Westlund moved the EDI East around to three of his four Huntsville adult clubs; the Starlet Division (those girls featuring less than four years) competed at Pony Too on Wednesday night, the Showgirl Division (more “advanced” entertainers) competed at Rocket City Showgirls on Thursday night, and the EDI East Finals were held at Pony Bama on Friday night.

On Wednesday night, Raychel Revolver — who competed at her first EDI in 2022 — wowed the crowd with her “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” show, which also earned her the mini-title of “Most Original Show.” Other Starlet Division competitors who made the finals in this division included Lucy Skye, whose magic act elicited a “how did she do that” reaction from the crowd, and Venom Rose, who surely haunted everyone’s dreams with her “Freddy Krueger” show. Other Starlet Division competitors included Canada’s Ciara (who would eventually win the “Hottest Body” mini-title), Charlotte Autumn and Farley Lynn.

“Winning the EDI Starlet division has been a dream of mine that’s come true!” says Raychel. “I think everyone saw that in my reactions. I took last year’s competition and really went back to the drawing board. This competition brought out the best parts of me, and also helped me see the parts I need to work on I’ve wanted nothing more than to come out on top. I hope to hold this title and be a testament to those who think they can’t. You can! You just have to believe in yourself first!”

The Showgirl Division — featuring eight top competitors — moved to Rocket City Showgirls on Thursday, May 25, and there was a palpable excitement in the air as the EDI East’s top entertainers were giving their best shot at Friday night’s East Finals and a shot at competing in Las Vegas for in the EDI national finals. All of the shows were stand-outs, from the “World of Warcraft” show by Janine Jericho (which earned her the “Best Costume” mini-title) to the “Voodoo” show by Nia Nebula. Other Showgirl Division competitors included Phoenix Phires’ “Mermaid,” Lori Lane’s “Space Babe” and Ginger Wolfe’s “Rave Show.”

But only three “Showgirls” could make the finals, and they were Michelle Lynn, Hayla Faye and Ms. Parker. Michelle excited the crowd with her edgy and innovative “Psycho Prisoner” show; Hayla wowed the club with her very athletic “Super Mario” show, while everyone rocked out to Ms. Parker’s “Varsity Blues Teacher” set.

It was a wall-to-wall crowd — quite literally — at Pony Bama on Friday, May 26, for the EDI East Finals. As is the case each year, the Starlet Division’s three finalists compete first, followed by the Showgirl Division’s top three (performance order is random and chosen by the girls as they pick numbers from a hat). A special guest performance by Serenity Valentine, the 2021 “Pony Princess Pole Champion,” kicked things off. The crowd enthusiastically responded to each entertainer’s performance, while EDI East emcee Danny Meyers and Pony Club DJ Jeb Jarrell kept the energy alive from start to finish.

After all entertainers had competed and a second guest performance was provided by a trio of entertainers called the “Pony Fillies,” the winners were announced. Meyers, ED Publisher Dave Manack and EDI co-producer Lexi Lamour presented the mini-titles: Best Costume, Janine Jericho; Hottest Body, Ciara; Most Ambitious Performer, Lucy Skye; Most Original Show, Raychel Revolver; Most Extreme Show, Hayla Faye; Best Dancer, Phoenix Phires; Audience Favorite, Ms. Parker; Best Overall Show, Michelle Lynn.

Ultimately, Venom Rose was the Starlet Division’s Second Runner-Up, Lucy Skye was First Runner-Up, and Raychel Revolver took top honors and $1,000 cash. She will also provide a special guest performance at the EDI Finals on Sunday, August 19, at Peppermint Hippo in Las Vegas.

There was certainly a wealth of nail-biting as the Showgirl Division winners were announced. Ms. Parker was announced as Second Runner-Up, which meant that Hayla Faye and Michelle Lynn would both be moving on to compete at the EDI Finals in Vegas. Hayla took First Runner-Up honors, while Michelle shook in disbelief as she was announced EDI East’s Showgirl Division winner (and recipient of $2,000 cash).

Special thanks to: Jerry Westlund, Stephanie Wilbanks, Garret Hamilton, Dane Hansen, Jason Gee, Zak Philips, Noble, Jeb Jarrell and the rest of the entertainers and staff from Westlund’s Huntsville, Alabama clubs.

Special thanks also to: EDI East co-producer Lexi Lamour and emcee Danny Meyers; judges Larry Kaplan and George Kane (Huge Hefner look-alike); guests Dino Palmiotto (Expose San Diego), Frank Bane (Continental Theatrical Agency) and Dave Michaels (A-List).

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