Phil Nguyen, the Managing Director of ChargeSavvy, details how the POS company’s purpose-built platform was designed to support customizations in payment processing, entertainer tracking, promotions, chargeback management and financial reporting. Oh, and he also helped an EXPO attendee have a very “lucky” experience playing craps!

(NOTE: This story appears in the January 2024 issue of ED Magazine.)


hil Nguyen, the Managing Director of ChargeSavvy, is a common man with great ambitions, as represented by his interests, ranging from live music and classic cars, to gambling at the EXPO in Vegas. That’s what he loves about ChargeSavvy: its capacity to accommodate any club’s needs.

Nguyen excites that the world of consumer payments is undergoing revolutionary changes, and, utilizing a constant stream of feedback, ChargeSavvy commits to solving all the upcoming operational problems in supporting those innovations.

ED: What’s your role in your company? Were you personally responsible for the development of your company’s POS system?

NGUYEN: My role as Managing Director is to ensure that the organization can reach its potential by enabling innovations to drive success while continuing to remove barriers to growth. The original POS system was first developed years before I joined Charge Savvy in 2021. Since then, my team of product managers and I have collaborated with new and existing clients to release improvements to the platform. The POS and the organization are stronger than they have ever been, and with unique access to the Ryvyl portfolio of technologies and capabilities, the Charge Savvy team is very excited to be releasing more highly-anticipated enhancements in 2024.

ED: What’s one trait about yourself that people you conduct business with wouldn’t know about you or would be surprised to find out?

NGUYEN: I’ve managed cloud-based software products in both the healthcare and education sectors before Charge Savvy.

ED: When you’re not working on new installs or helping clients, how do you enjoy spending your time? What are your favorite hobbies?

NGUYEN: In my spare time, I enjoy attending various live music performances of all shapes and sizes.

ED: What are some of the things on your personal ‘bucket list’? Places you’d like to visit, things you’d like to do?

NGUYEN: I would love to do a car rally like “Peking to Paris” or “The Dakar Rally”.

ED: What’s the best part of your job, or what makes it fun for you?

NGUYEN: Being able to solve long-standing operational problems or risks for my customers is what makes this fun.

ED: What attracted you to the POS industry in the first place?

NGUYEN: The world of consumer payments is undergoing revolutionary changes. I’ve always been drawn to industries where large-scale innovations are occurring, and today’s digital commerce trends will continue to reshape businesses and unlock exciting opportunities in the years to come.

ED: What’s one of the biggest issues clubs face with POS systems, and how does your company address this issue?

NGUYEN: ChargeSavvy is in a unique position to solve problems that have been entrenched in the industry for years. We are lucky to have feedback from clubs of all shapes and sizes across the country. This gives us a great vantage point from which to see how different operators meet certain operational challenges. With those challenges in mind, we constructed a purpose-built platform with flexibility that’s designed to support customizations in the areas of payment processing, entertainer tracking, promotions, chargeback management and financial reporting.

ED: What’s your most memorable industry-related experience (either EXPO, or outside of EXPO)?

NGUYEN: My most memorable experience at EXPO took place at a craps table with a customer who had never played before. Thanks to my superior teaching skills and maybe a lot of “beginner’s luck,” what unfolded was a roll of a lifetime.

ED: What separates your company’s POS system from other systems that club operators may have used in the past?

NGUYEN: Our goal is to provide both traditional POS capabilities while also supporting the unique operational and reporting demands of a gentlemen’s club. Our success comes from feedback and collaborations with our customers to build the features that best support them through the evolution of their businesses.

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