You want to give your bar managers and bartenders the tools they need to be successful … don’t you? This ED Special Focus showcases the companies that took the time to answer our questions and made this industry a priority!

(NOTE: This story appears in the March 2024 issue of ED Magazine.)


he majority of adult nightclubs in the US utilize products for their bar — liquor/pour control systems, cocktail shakers, glassware and more! And these are products they replace more often than any other area of club operation.

In this Special Focus, we asked bar product manufacturers to tell readers about their best-selling and most valuable items, why clubs shouldn’t run without them and — most importantly — how their products will save or make clubs more money!

Get pour control and much more with Alcohol Controls

Established in 1990, Alcohol Controls is a family-owned business committed to fostering a sense of community in the beverage industry. With decades of experience, we’ve proudly served thousands of nightclubs, bringing about positive changes for owners. Our product line is designed to streamline inventory control, beer management, liquor monitoring, insect prevention and wine organization.

Among our top-rated products are liquor clickers, facilitating precise measurement and tracking of every shot. Additionally, we offer measured and free pour spouts that ensure quick and effortless pouring of both liquor and wine. A key product category includes seals that prevent unauthorized removal of spouts from liquor control systems.

Our products are indispensable for clubs looking to maximize profits and maintain the trust of their bartenders and staff. Given the increased prevalence of theft, especially in today’s inflationary environment, safeguarding your inventory is a crucial step. By using our products, you not only protect your assets, but also enhance your bottom line by maximizing drink sales from each bottle. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late; take proactive steps to transform your business with Alcohol Controls!

  Bridgette Hanisch, Manager of Alcohol Controls.

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High-quality bartender products from Barfly Mixology Gear

Barfly Mixology Gear is the premier and leading manufacturer of high-quality, elegantly-designed bar tools. Made for pros who rule over the bar, we’re all about celebrating and elevating the craft of cocktail‑making. From prep to garnish, our barware tools are constructed for durability and designed for precision, control and consistency.

One Barfly Mixology Gear product that should not be overlooked is our high-quality, beautiful cocktail shaking tin set, sometimes called a ‘Boston shaker’ or ‘tin on tin’. This year, we launched our Diamond Lattice pattern for our tools available in several different finishes, of which the tin set is available in.

– Joe Flaherty, Senior Vice President of Mercer Tool Corp.

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Do you have kegs? Do you need to move them? Then you need Keg Cart!

The Original Keg Cart is praised as the world’s best-designed single keg moving system. There is no better way to move a beer keg. Simply hook and roll the keg from one location to another without ever needing to touch the keg.

The ergonomically-designed handle takes away all stress and strain on your back, allowing you to move beer kegs with just one hand. The average beer keg weighs 73 kilograms or 161 pounds. When your business moves hundreds if not thousands of beer kegs each year, it makes for good business sense to use the best system available.

Don’t risk injury or litigation — hook on to the The Original Keg Cart, purpose-built for moving beer kegs easily, safely and efficiently. The Original Ket Cart is used by bars, restaurants, golf clubs, cruise ships, breweries, delivery services and venues of all sizes across North America.

 – Gerry Simpson, President of Keg Cart.

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Don’t let beer profits go down the drain, check out US BeerSAVER!

At US BeerSAVER, we offer a draft beer flow metering system that tracks every ounce of beer poured in real time and matches exactly with what is rung up on the POS system.

All too often, bartenders give out free drinks without ringing them up on the POS system. Whether it’s for a friend, or your staff is deviating for financial gain — for instance, charging regular prices for drinks, ringing those in as lower-priced specials, then receive a bigger tip — keep your waitstaff, bartenders and managers accountable by tracking every ounce of draft beer poured.

The benefit of reducing over pours and unaccounted pours is loss prevention for your profit. Every drink poured is more money you can make and should be accounted for!

– Kevin Tse, Chief Operating Officer of US BeerSAVER Systems.

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One-stop shop for all of your bar needs with Bar has been around since 1995 and is a family owned and operated company. We carry a large selection of your everyday essential bartending tools, such as pour spouts, cocktail shakers, strainers, openers, bar mats, napkins, straws, etc. But, we don’t stop there! We also offer a large variety of fun drinkware, glassware, tiki mugs and shooter gear. Oh, and let’s not forget all of the customizable items all produced in house. We are truly your one-stop bar shop!

We offer an extensive online catalog with over 18,000 SKUs and pride ourselves in keeping our prices low. With such a large selection of products to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for at an unbeatable price! What could be better than that?

– Jennifer McCray, COO of Bar

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